F-35B Lightning II

F-35B Lightning II

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AOA Simulations presents the Short Take Off / Vertical Landing (STO/VL)

F-35B Lightning II, one of the most sophisticated jet fighter models developed for X-Plane.


  • Setup Guide
  • "Cold & Dark" start sequence checklist
  • Quick Feature Guide
  • Head Mounted Display modes explanation
  • Multi Function Display keycard
Advanced simulation features

  • Fully functioning vertical lift systems
  • Smooth, easy transitions between vertical and conventional flight modes

SASL plug-in controlled automated vehicle systems

  • Head Mounted Display system
  • Informative Engine Condition and Monitoring Display
  • Automated Avionics functions
  • Multiple weapon system display modes
  • Weapon bay door opening matches selected weapon
  • Dynamic head movement in flight and taxi without TrackIR
  • Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System
  • Pilot activated auto recovery switch
  • Auto ejection seat logic
  • Auto flaps logic
  • Auto gear retract and extended logic
  • "Smart" speed brakes
  • Dedicated camera views
  • Joystick controlled air and wheel brakes

 Fully animated 3d model

  • Advanced 3d cockpit with wide format, touch screen, glass panel display
  • All vertical lift systems doors and nozzles
  • Canopy and crew boarding ladder
  • Ejection seat sequence
  • Three separate aircraft ACFs representing three different weapon configurations
  • Multiple liveries
New in version 1.5:
  • "Virtual" In-Flight Refueling. You no longer need to end your current flight and switch to the X-Plane in-flight refueling scenario. All you need to do now is climb the Jet to 20,000 or 30,000 ft. Once at one or the other of those altitudes maintain airspeed between 290 and 310 knots and rate of climb between -500 and +500 fpm. Open the IFR probe and the Jet will begin to take on fuel as if hooked up to an in-flight refueling tanker.
  • Automatic Thrust Vector Control (TVC) system. The auto TVC system controls the position of swiveling aft engine nozzle at altitudes below 5,000 ft mean sea level (MSL). Above 5,000 ft the system goes to manual mode and has to be switch back to auto if you want it to control the TVC system for a vertical landing. The system logic follows an airspeed schedule verses a vertical climb or descent rate schedule to determine the how to position the aft nozzle. At slow speeds but with a rate of climb greater than 500 fpm the logic will bias toward positioning the aft nozzle up to accelerate the Jet forward, where as at the same speed but with a rate between -500 and +500 fpm the nozzle will stay pointing nearly straight down to enable slow forward speed vertical flight. Allowing the descent rate to fall below -500 fpm will point the nozzle full down to help bring the Jet to a full stop in the air.
  • "Virtual" tail hook. Clicking on the area between the vertical tails on the overhead aircraft silhouette (far right cockpit touch screen) deploys a virtual tail hook for US Navy style conventional aircraft carrier landings. You no longer need to use the TVC system. In concert with this development I slightly enlarged the wings and reconfigured the flight controls to reduce approach speeds from ~ 160 to ~ 140 knots at ~ 40,000 lbs.
  • F-35A style over the shoulder internal gun. Available on A2A and EFT versions of the model. Also 8 internal small diameter bombs and 2 new external AIM-120 A2A missiles.
  • VTO model. This version of the model is stripped of all weapons and, along with all the other models, has its starting internal fuel load reduced to just 5,000 lbs. At simulator start the Jet weights 37,500 lbs and is ready for an immediate vertical takeoff.
  • Ability to receive fuel from any AI plane in flight. All you have to do is switch the weapons system to TRACK mode, target select an AI plane and approach it to within 300 ft with the F-35B's IFR probe extended. As long as you remain within 300 ft your Jet will take on fuel as if hooked up to an in-flight refueling tanker.
  • Target Track now tracks up to 8 AI planes, up from 4 previously.
  • Knee board checklists, one for each knee. Activate by clicking the upper left and upper center grid boxes around the MENU.
  • New cockpit textures.
  •  Our HMD artificial horizon line now perfectly matches the X-Plane virtual world's horizon in all external views.

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