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The Boeing 707 is an American four-engine commercial passenger jet developed by Boeing in the 1950s. Its name is most commonly spoken as 'Seven Oh Seven'. Boeing delivered a total of 1010 Boeing 707, which dominated passenger air transport in the 1960s and remained common through the 1970s.
  • An astonishing 26 liveries are included
  • It also comes with a flight manual of 659 pages
  • Now with 3D Cockpit
707 Captain Charles Raines (retired) wrote:

Thanks for the note.  I agree, the recent global scenery update was outstanding.  I can't imagine how much work that must have taken them.  I also thought you did a good job on the B707 manual.  I'll bet it will be a while before you undertake another project like that.  I'm surprised you didn't wear out your scanner.  I kind of run hot and cold with x-plane.  I will spend hours for days at a time flying different airplanes and exploring different places, then I'll go weeks without ever touching it.  I've been playing with it lately and I honestly think your B707 is the best simulation of the actual airplane I have found.  It is also the most enjoyable airplane to fly of anything I have found."

3D cockpit by Julien Brezel

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