747-200 Classic Freighters + 747-100 Classic Passenger

747-200 Classic Freighters + 747-100 Classic Passenger

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B747-200F Classic Freighters , Evergreen Supertanker and 747-100 Classic

This pack includes 7 versions of the 747-200 Freighter
  • Classic Freighters
    • 747-200F MTOW (775,000 lb)  JT9D (48,570 lb st)
    • 747-200F MTOW (802,000 lb)  RB211 (51,600 lb st)
    • 747-200F MTOW (838,000 lb)  CF6 (56,750 lb st
  • Evergreen Supertankers
    • 747-132(SF)    N479EV MTOW (738,000 lb) JT9D (50,000 lb st); Evergreen International, "979"
    • 747-230B(SF) N488EV MTOW (838,000 lb) CF6 (56,750 lb st); Evergreen International
    • 747-273C        N470EV MTOW (775,000 lb) JT9D (54,750 lb st); Evergreen International, "947"
  • B747-100 Classic Passenger Version
    • 747-100 JT9D-3AW classic
    • 12 Liveries: PanAm, Aer Lingus, Air France, British Airways, United, American Airlines, Alitalia, Lufthansa, NASA, Northwest, Quantas, Prototype
Full Features List
  • Large HD 2D panel scrollable with arrow keys
  • 7 liveries on -200 models, 12 liveries on -100
  • 3 cockpit and panel featuring 3D switches and handles with many manipulators including flight engineer panel
  • Penny & Giles Engine Information System modeled with more detail
  • Round engine instruments on -100 models
  • 3D objects for fuselage, wings, engines, gear
  • Wing flexes according to G force and aerodynamic loading
  • Wing flex affects wing, ailerons, flaps, slats, spoilers and engines
  • Tripple slotted fowler flaps realistically modelled
  • Flaps and slats move correctly for given flap settings
  • Spoilers extend correctly for speedbrake or roll control
  • Paint normal map
  • Night Lighting effects; left inner landing light illuminates left forward fuselage only when ON
  • Night Lighting effects; right inner landing light illuminates right forward fuselage only when ON
  • Night Lighting effects; logo light illuminates vertical tail only when ON
  • Plugin-controlled timing for strobe lights (two per wing tip)
  • Gear retracts and extends as it should, Gear doors sequence correctly
  • Wing gear pivots on takeoff or landing
  • Body gear steers with nose gear
  • Thrust reverser cowl translation
  • Fan rotations on engines
  • Hot core on engines when running (visible from rear esp. at night)
  • APU intake door closes when APU is off
  • Opening nose cargo door
  • Opening side cargo door (left SCD)
  • Opening lower cargo doors (2, right side)
  • Cargo containers and pallets (LD-3, LD-7 and P-9; which weigh 3,500 lb, 13,300 lb and 7000 lb respectively) are un/loadable
  • Custom landing lights (4) independently controlled
  • Custom built instruments on the 2D panel including control surface position indicator, HSI, autopilot glareshield panel with rotary indicators, flap position indicator, ADI, trim, speedbrake, throttle and flap controls
  • Flying characteristics as per real flight manual
See more pictures here - Design by Dr Gary Hunter 

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