Cessna 404 Titan

Cessna 404 Titan

Part Number:xhangar-c404titan
Your Price:$13.95
This is a brand new build from the ground up with a POH and is real pilot tested and approved.  You have your choice of interior viewing with panning a detailed virtual cockpit or you can use switching from the keyboard or joystick for viewing.

No extra artwork needed to add or exchange instruments.

Features Include:
  •     Detailed virtual cockpit with smooth scrolling or use as switch viewing
  •     2 separate models
  •     8 liveries included
  •     Custom sounds
  •     Many detail parts
  •     Built with a POH from the ground up
  •     Real pilot tested and approved
  •     Checklist included
Notes:    The virtual cockpit is lower in polygon usage to insure good frame rates and still contains nice detail. The aircraft is enhanced to function in 2D interior viewing mode and Virtual Cockpit mode. The instrument panel is designed for easy reading of instruments and reflects the real panel in layout.

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