FA18-F Super Hornet

FA18-F Super Hornet

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The FA-18F is more than just the 2-seat version of the FA-18E. It's two seat layout enables the crew to use the equipment, aerodynamics and power to the full potential. The FA-18F (together with E, C and D) are the back bone of today's american naval flying forces. Having it's origins in the legendary F-5 Tiger, during many decades of evolution the FA-18F is now a real multipurpose aircraft, performing excellently in air-to-air, air-to-ground and recon. missions. Having it's home base on aircraft carriers, flying the “Super Hornet” during day and night times can be considered one of the biggest challenges an aviator can accept.

Highly detailed interactive 3D cockpit
  • Cockpit modeled and textured according to the real aircraft.
4k textures:  Great cockpit textures in 4k quality (see screenshots).

  • Ultra realistic, projected, collimated, focused to infinity 3D Head up display.
  • Projected: The HUD is only visible from realistic angles, and moves realistically with the pilots head movements.
  • Focused to infinity: The symbols stay on the same focused point, even if the pilot head moves.
  • Collimated: The size of the HUD stays the same relative to the pilots eye, no mater if he's near or far the HUD.
  • HUD symbology partially rejectable/hideable (pitch ladder, bank scale).
  • Adjustable line thickness, brightness, color. Info about gear,flaps, tailhook, ILS, AoA (plus AoA bracket) and many more directly in the HUD.
Interactive displays with custom programmed menus and indicators:
  • Custom FA-18F Attitude direction indicator, Engine indicator, Horizontal situation indicator with navaid information and navaid map, Flight data indicator, Weapons indicator, Fuel indicator, RADAR.
  • Custom upfront control display (below the HUD). Interactive menus for COM1, COM2,
  • Autopilot, Settings, NAV1 and NAV2. Functional keyboard for value input. 12 storage slotsfor COM frequencies plus 12 storage slots for NAV frequencies. (Win Only).
  • Simple navigation via the HSI map. (MAC brightness only).
  • All displays adjustable in brightness and contrast (color). (MAC/LINUX only)
Custom gauges:
  • Fuel/engine information gauge with working nozzle indicators, fuel information for internal and external tanks and engine values. Animated standby instruments. Radar warning receiver.
Interactive consoles:
  • With a lot of functionality, many animated switches, includes working gauges. Hideable throttle and stick, working ejection handle.
Reasonable system depth:
  • Ideal for occasional and semi pro simulator fighter pilots
Night: Gorgeous night lighting with adjustable intensity.

  • Quick start manual for the cockpit (23 pages)
  • Landing speeds chart
  • Full manual - 57 pages
  • Video tutorials on www.youtube.com/colimatavideos
External aircraft:
  • 4k textures: High quality textures in 4k (see screenshots). Including normal maps. 2k version included to save video RAM.
  • Animations: Tons of animations. Control surfaces and their combined actions. Two stage
  • airbrakes. First control surfaces alone, second adds brake doors. Animated Canopy, nozzles, wingfold, etc.
Refined flight model: 
  • correct landing speeds and AoA, max. turn rate, top speed, fuselage/wing root extensions lift simulation, etc.
  • Landing gear: Carefully animated, complex landing gear. Including plugin driven strut stiffness for carrier landings, normal landings and taxiing.

Plain and armed version included.

  • 16 high quality 4k liveries (optional 2k): USA Flighttest, VFA-32 Swordsmen, VFA-41 Back Aces, VFA-102 Diamondbacks, VFA-103 Jolly Rogers, VFA-147 Argonauts, VFA-213 Black Lions, Australia, Canada, Finland, Kuwait, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland, Factory rollout, neutral
  • Out of the liveries, two are included by default. The other ones can be downloading for free on the forum

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