PRO Pack add-on for FSFlyingSchool 2016

PRO Pack add-on for FSFlyingSchool 2016

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Important: Requires FSFlyingSchool 2016 for X-Plane 10 - this is not a standalone product

PRO Pack includes:
- VOR Navigation Instruction
- Enhanced Instructor Awareness
- Instant Help for what you are doing at that instant in time
- Detailed Aviation Instruction
- And much more!

Need some help using VOR navigation? 

PRO Pack for FSFlyingSchool 2016 for X-Plane 10 is here to help!
Interactive Help with VOR Navigation
  • Instructor monitors VOR instruments in aircraft.
  • Instructor offers detailed advice and tips on how to navigate with VORs.
  • Learn about: TO/FROM/OFF flag, Omni Bearing Selector (OBS), Course Deviation Indicator (CDI).
  • Get information as you fly, change settings and as the instruments react to your flight path.
  • Instructor describes at length the aspects of different elements of VOR navigation as you fly along.
  • If you approach and cross a VOR station, instructor describes what to expect instruments to do.
  • You'll soon be a VOR navigation PRO!

Enhanced Instructor Awareness - instructor is watching even closer:
  • Instructor watches for parking brake set at correct times. 
  • Advice when coming in too fast for a landing to slow down or go-around.
  • Instructor requires throttles to be operated smoothly.
  • Advice to slow to a taxi speed soon after landing to clear for next arrival.
  • Advice to accelerate promptly when taking off so as not to waste runway.
  • Reminders to get going if on runway for excessive time for take off. 
  • Warning if not heading into wind when on final approach.
  • Advice for steering problems on take-off run.
  • Reminder to use flaps if appropriate for take off.
  • Reminder to disengage autopilot while on the ground.
  • Advice not to run throttles high while on ground with parking brake set.
Instant Help
  • Spoken help on aircraft instruments, switches and controls when they are used during flights.
  • Instant spoken help you can use immediately while flying in X-Plane.
  • Adds a whole new level of fun and learning to your flights with X-Plane.
  • You hear and see help and tips for controls, instruments and switches immediately in flight!
  • Help when you use COM radios, NAV radios, autopilot functions like heading hold, speed hold...
  • Help when you use altitude hold, spoilers, autobrakes, gear, lights, pitot heat and so much more.
  • Use some help up there in the Simulated Skies? Get familiar with those switches, dials, buttons etc.
  • Listen and learn as a friendly instructor explains the role of the device you operated.
  • Help is given immediately, in real time, with optional text captions so you can read the advice too.
  • Once you operate a device, you won't hear the explanation again for a while - avoids repetition.
  • Optionally turn off the voice completely and use the text captions for reference during your flights.
  • Alternatively, you can turn off the captions and just listen to the voice of the instructor. 
  • Configure the FSFlyingSchool 2016 Instant Help option the way you want it!

Interactive Aviation Help
  • During flights, instructor shares detailed aviation knowledge with you. 
  • Subjects include cockpit instruments, controls, techniques and much more.
  • With chief instructor Mr Smith's help you will soon be familiar with:
  • Flaps
  • Mixture
  • PAPI
  • VORs
  • Turn technique
  • VASI
  • Stall recovery
  • Autopilot speed hold
  • Autopilot heading hold
  • Autopilot altitude hold
  • Autothrottle
  • Transponder use and codes
  • Crossfeeds
  • Speedbrake
  • Fuel pumps
  • Carburetor heat
  • Spoilers
  • Anti-ice
  • Decision height ...and dozens more aviation subjects.
  • Includes optional text captions so you can read the advice too.
  • A great way to learn - and all while cruising along!

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