Ultra Weather XP 2.1

Ultra Weather XP 2.1

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Ultra Weather XP 2.1 is a powerful application with many sliders and many options to control the  graphics rendering of X-Plane

Version 2 is a complete rewrite over previous version 1 with many new features. Current v1 owners can buy v2 at a discounted price ($15.95): Check your original invoice at the store to get your coupon code.

Note: customers who owned the previous v1/v1.5 version can purchase this new version for only $15.95. Consult your original Ultra Weather invoice to get the coupon code.

Ultra Weather XP 2.1 works with both X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 10. Unlike other weather engines, Ultra Weather XP 2.0 is very FPS friendly.
  • Atmosphere with sky horizon adjustable size control.
  • Scattering haze on terrain.
  • Scattering Raleigh to make the terrain haze to be realistic.
  • Clouds brightness adjustable control.
  • Clouds shapes adjustable control.
  • Enhanced the clouds appearance
  • HD Clouds.
  • Clouds Shadow power adjustable control.
  • Clouds Shadow resolution adjustable control .
  • Sunlight effect on clouds.
  • Adjustable control of the clouds shape
  • Cirrus size and shape now can be adjusted.
  • Clouds blending smoothly with terrain.
  • Clouds drawing adjustable control.
  • Clouds and shadow size adjustable control.
  • City and airplane lights size from far away adjustable control.
  • Far away shadows can be add to the simulation with controllable the resolution.
  • Enhanced direct sunlight's.
  • Enhanced shadows during weather changing and reduce the power of shadow in overcasting situations.
  • The shadow of objects and airplane now still appear when the sun at the horizon during sunset or sunrise.
  • Horizon haze adjustable control.
  • Weather haze changed with weather conditions to add more fog in some situations.
  • Sky bluer adjustable control.
  • City lights appearing time during sunset or sunrise can be controlled.
  • 3 Water colors for X-Plane 10 only.
  • Waves and sun reflections on sea adjustable control for X-Plane 11 only.
  • Clouds Resolution adjustable control for X-Plane 11 only .
  • Control the shadow level for all weather conditions.
  • White out of clouds adjustable control.
  • 13 sky colors textures including clear, foggy, hazy, mount, hialt, orbit, overcast, snowy, socked, stratus conditions. 
  • 12 different clouds textures.
  • 6 clouds smoothness shaders.
  • 12 different sun textures blends with sky sunset , sunrise textures including clear, foggy, hazy, mount, hialt, orbit, overcast, snowy, socked, stratus conditions.
  • No more sun reflection on sea during overcasting conditions .
  • Normal and cinematic glares adjustable control .
  • UWXP adjustable values to change the overall visual effect.
  • Sun glare Power adjustable control for X-Plane 11 only.
  • High quality Thunderstorms Sounds..
  • Very friendly with FPS .. you can control the FPS as you like.
  • Using X-Plane Metar.rwx , so very friendly with X-Plane System.
  • Compatible with any weather information collector plugin ( the plugin that not control any visual ).
Not compatible with Any other scripts simulating weather visual conditions such as: FlyWithLua any weather Script ,  FlyWithLua RTH script , Skymaxx Pro , Real Weather Connector for Skymaxx Pro , Blu_fx , VenturaSky , MaxxFx , xEnviro, etc ...

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