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All aircraft and scenery are available via instant download
Downloads are easily accessible in your account. Your download links will stay active for as long the products or your account stay active (usually several years). You can re-download them at anytime. 

When products become obsolete, there are no longer available at the store: The purpose of the store is to distribute products you buy, not to be a lifetime storage vault. 

Always make a backup of your products.

IP addresses are tracked at each download. 
Do not share your account information or links with anyone else as this will result oin your account being terminated.

Software updates
The store is not required to provide updates but will provide updated versions of a software, as a service, whenever it is made available by a manufacturer in a timely manner. 

Whenever a product become obsolete store store will no longer update it and the link might become inactive. Please make back up copies of your download software.

If your account is terminated (https://store.x-plane.org/9-Termination-of-your-account_df_20.html), your links will no longer available.
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