727 Series Complete

727 Series Complete

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The 727 entered service in the early days of airline service during the 1960s, in a time before advanced flight computers, and many other systems seen in airliners today.  With 1832 build between 1963 and 1984, the 727 held the record for most built for a long time before the 737 surpassed it. The 727 was a common sight at airports for more then 30 years and now you can experience what it was like to fly in the beginnings of the jet age, and the hay-day of air travel.

In this package you get 3 versions of the 727 for a super low price:
  • 727-100 - Airliner short version
  • 727-200Adv - Airliner Long version
  • 727-200F - Freighter
  • Detailed exterior model which comes with details textures and a full set of animated surfaces
  • Detailed 3D cockpit with hundreds of animations, high rez textures, and night lighting
  • Simulation of all major systems including:
  • Electrical, Bleed air, Air conditioning,  Pressurization
  • Fuel Pumps and fuel heating
  • Hydraulic systems, including A and B
  • Braking system with dependency on hydraulic pressure
  • Exterior and interior lighting
  • WX radar - Sperry SP-150 Block V autopilot
  • Engine fire suppression system -  Ant Ice System
  • Radio stack including Com1/2 Nav1/2 and ADF1/2

Extra Items:

  • Vcard popup showing dynamic Vspeeds for landing and takeoff
  • Weight N Balance Manager, along you to change the weights for PAX, Cargo and fuel, with effect on CG
  • Options menu popup

Flight Model:
With over 200 hours of internal testing, you can be sure that the 727series is at least 95% accurate to the real aircraft. You can operate the 727 from startup to shutdown just like a real 727 captain.


  • Professional sounds recorded by Turbine Sound Studios,
  • DreamEngine Sounds with proper Doppler and sound position effects

3 free liveries come with each variant, with 50+ extra liveries available.

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