732 TwinJet

732 TwinJet

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FlyJSim continues its Jet Age Airliner trend with the 732 Twinjet which is modeled off the Boeing 737-200adv, with JT8D-15A engines, and a Sperry 77 Autopilot. Developed during the 60s the 737 was made to complete for the short haul routes. This 737 is perfect who anyone who wants to learn navigation with analog instruments.

  • FlyJSim quality, including attention to detail and flight dynamics
  • Realistic Sound engine provided by DreamEngine & Turbine Sound Studio sounds: Hear the JT8D roar down the runway as you take-off, hear the rumble of the thrust reversers on landing. All 3d positioned.
  • Sounds throughout the cockpit, including switch, knobs, trim wheel, spoiler arm, and many more. All 3d Positioned for a real immersive experience.
  • 3D CIVA INS panel in 3d cockpit for those who have purchased the CIVA add-on.
  • Automated Pushback system.
Detailed exterior
  • Accurate replica of the 737-200adv - Using real measurements of all major components, expect to fly a 737 that looked just like the real thing.
  • Detailed textures - panel details, rivets, reflections, and surface bumps, all added in to give you that extra bit of realism.
  • Detailed animations - We animate each and every control surface to match real world figures.
  • Wing flex 
  • Detailed lighting - landing, taxi, taxi turnoff, strobe beacon, navigation lights, and even the wing and logo lights have been added in using the real angles and widths of the real 737 lights. 
Superb Interior
  • Detailed 3D cockpit - using real dimensions down to the size of the switches, the 3d cockpit is faithfully replicated.
  • High resolution textures on panels - Text is crisp and clear to read.
  • Detailed cockpit lighting - All cockpit lights are controllable. These include all indirect lighting on the panels, storm lights under the glare-shield, center console light to shine onto the throttles, dome light to illuminate the entire cockpit at night, and two map lights. Flying at night couldn't be more fun. Each light also fades in and out giving the lighting an authentic feel.
  • Intuitive cockpit manipulation - We have taken great care in setting up just how you interact with the switches, knobs, and levers in the cockpit . Dial in your headings, course, altitude, etc, with ease.
  • Animations. Each switch, lever, knob, and handle is animated. Press to test functionality on announciators. Both map lights adjustable. Standby compass stowable. 
Systems Simulated
Many custom systems have been coded to replicate the behavior of the real aircraft:
  • Air system - Anti-Ice
  • Autopilot(SP77) - Com/Nav radios
  • Electrical - Fire protection
  • Hydraulics - Fuel
  • Warning systems
  • Weather radar
  • Realistic flight model
  • Weight & Balance Manager 
  • Instrument Comparator
  • GPWS - complete with test functionality.

Other features:

  • Realistic flight model. With the experienced gained from previous aircraft, we have continued to refine our flight models and the 732 is our best yet. Improved ground handling over previous aircraft makes taxiing even easier
  • Detailed manuals
  • 6 liveries included
    • AerLingus, Air France, Aloha Airlines, KLM, Southwest, WestJet
    • More liveries available online, Over 100 !!. Created by the friendly community (thank you to all painters)
Great Reviews from actual users
  • People love the plane!

More pictures of the 732 here - See the expanded features list here

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