AG-4 eVTOL v2.0

AG-4 eVTOL v2.0

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The culmination of nearly a decade of innovation in design, propulsion, and determination. The aG-4 "Liberty" eVTOL stands alone in the eVTOL (Electric / Hybrid Vertical Takeoff and Landing) marketplace with the aspiration adapting a large frame tilt fan design.

Our project has been through a complete restructuring in terms of simulation compatibility. Spending several months improving everything that we believed was lacking in version 1.0. Creating a custom avionics suite that is uniquely tailored for this eVTOL aircraft and creating a high fidelity fully 3D modeled environment that can be enjoyed in traditional or VR modes. We believe this is the most realistic and advanced eVTOL simulation on the marketplace. This may be the final version of aG-4 eVTOL project for X-Plane 11 as the company has shifted focus to patent acquisition and development on upcoming simulation platforms

Creating an aircraft from scratch is hard, creating an electric powered vertical flight passenger vehicle for passengers and crew is even harder. However, we do not shy away from a challenge and embrace it to create ever improving simulations of our projects. Using simulation platforms as means of feasibility studies towards aircraft development. Every dollar spent on purchasing this product or any of our previous titles for X-Plane or Prepar3D goes into furthering our research and gets cycled back into creating better products.

At aeroG we love spirit of innovation and strive to move forward towards a better and more sustainable future. We hope that our projects will be part of this future. We hope you can enjoy them for many more years to come. 

Powered by twin hybrid electric engines this design has both the range and performance of traditional fixed wing turboprop aircraft and the distinctive advantages of a helicopter. Strap into the pilot seat of the modern digital glass panel and navigate the skies of tomorrow as you become a commercial aviator transporting passengers to and from any destination.

The aG-4 gives passengers the freedom of reaching remote or densely populated locations while enjoying the comfort of an executive styled cabin area. Complete with baggage areas and windowless cabin technology.​ Transitioning to and from cruise speeds reaching three hundred knots with the use of vector thrust and tilt fan equipment to expedite travel times in ways we have only dreamed off in the past.

The aG-4 is truly the ideal ride for future travers across the globe. Our team stands by the design with extensive knowledge of aeronautics and marketing skills required to bring our product to market. By purchasing the aG-4 you are personally supporting this endeavor as the proceeds of this aircraft are directly tied to furthering our goal of reaching aircraft air worthiness status and bringing this simulation experience to real world application.​

The enhanced virtual reality compatibly of the aG-4 gives users with VR capability the power to fly this modern aircraft in full VR mode. Even enjoying an AI driven experience from the cabin and experiencing the touch cabin or touch cockpit environment.

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