AMX International Fighter Advanced Simulation

AMX International Fighter Advanced Simulation

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The AMX  is a ground-attack aircraft for battlefield interdiction, close air support and reconnaissance missions. It was built by AMX International, an Italian-Brazilian joint venture.

Thanks to many custom systems, it is one of the most advanced fighter simulation for X-Plane to date. Be ready to have some serious fun!

Detailed 3D Model, in and out:
  • 3d cockpit and fps-friendly 2d panel
  • Custom HUD (available in both 2d and 3d view), complete with a working CCIP for free-fall bombs
  • Detailed warning panel
  • Multi point cockpit and panels lighting
  • Wing tips vortices
  • Working In-cockpit mirrors
  • Working arresting device (Bliss Back) 
Advanced Simulation Features
  • TACAN navigation system (both "air to ground" and "air to air")
  • Radar Warning Receiver
  • Bomb craters
  • GPS guided bombs (JDAM)
  • Custom system failures
  • Exclusive artificial stability and flight control's actuators
  • Plugin based tweak for engine performance
  • Plugin driven air-to-air refueling mode (with included custom tanker)
  • Plugin driven pilot's view ("Smart View")
  • Support for Windows, Mac and Linux
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