Air Transport HUD

Air Transport HUD

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Flying commercial aircraft these days includes landing in bad weather around the world.  Modern airplanes have Head-Up Displays, and require special training.  FlyRealHUDs has developed a real HUD model that flies and operates just like the real thing – because it is the real thing.

  • Compatible with all X-Plane aircraft
  • 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Windows and Mac
  • X-Plane 9, 10 and 11
  • FlyRealHUDs are the real thing - same modes, symbology formats, capabilities as the HUDs used in modern aircraft today.
Why HUDs?
  • All modern aircraft have HUDs
  • Easier to fly than head down instruments
  • Precisely control the aircraft
  • Keeps your eyes looking outside

Features of the Air Transport HUD

  • Unique HUD Symbology like the Flight Path Vector, airport symbols, acceleration cues and more
  • Flight Director
  • Angle of Attack
  • Reference Speeds
  • Flight Mode Annunciations
  • Navigation including ILS, VOR, NDB, WAAS
  • Non-Precision and CATI, II, IIIA operations
  • CATIII-A Landing roll-out
  • Upset Recover
  • All Flight Director Modes
  • Boxed and Selected Airspeed and Altitude
  • Ground Speed
  • Runway Remaining
  • Rollout Guidance
  • DME, VOR and NDB Indicators
  • Stall, Ground Proximity Warning, Flare Cues
  • Target Altitude and Speed
  • Flashing Markers
  • Flare Cue
  • TOGA Modes 

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