Airbus A319-132 IAE - Passenger

Airbus A319-132 IAE - Passenger

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Part of the A320 Global Family, The A319 is a shortened, minimum-change version of the A320. it is 3.73 metres (12 ft 3 in) shorter than the A320. The reduced seating reduces the emergency exits to six. With virtually the same fuel capacity as the A320-200, and fewer passengers, the range with 124 passengers in a two-class configuration extends to 6,650 km (3,590 nmi), or 6,850 km (3,700 nmi) with the "Sharklets".[wikipedia]

This A319 by PetersAircraft is originally based on his A320 CFM and includes many new features such as:

  • High resolution graphics for the Engine Warning Display and System Display
  • All major systems, like engine indicators, APU, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, HAVAC, doors etc. have been double-checked against documentation
  • The engine thrust model  has also been improved, in order to reflect thrust loss at rising altitude more realistically

This model features the A319-132 with the IAE V2500engines 

Both winglets and  Sharklets are modeled

This A319 model is a very complex and realistic simulation, not a toy. Realism of flight model, FBW system, autoflight system and more is unmatched on PC level. Only the PFD and the programmed codes behind are more complex than many complete payware aircraft on the market. Amung others, Hydraulic, Electric and Pneumatic systems are simulated including their respective EFIS indications and some major warnings. NORMAL procedures are covered, as well as the most commun ABNORMAL, but not EMERGENCY.

This A319 comes with a highly detailed, animated exterior model, and a top notch 3D cockpit, apart from an attractive, highly functional 2D panel.

Nevertheless our focus is not that much to provide eyecandy, nor bringing to you the illusion of being an Airbus pilot flying Hundreds of passengers from A to B. Our main objective and determination is to make you familiar with how an Airbus flies, how the basic procedures are like and how the aircraft reacts on what you are doing.

Aircraft models equipped with winglets or sharklets really simulate the different aerodynamic effects, resulting in ~0.15° less AOA for the sharklet version, at a given grossweight, speed and altitude. The crew can trade this advantage for more range, or speed, or payload, or less fuel consumption. Though differences are not huge, it is interesting to have the direct comparison on your desktop.

Systems and procedures

  • Detailed systems and procedures managed by plugins.
  • As close as possible to the real aircraft systems
  • Complete cold and dark procedure


  • The Flight Crew Operating Manual comes with 196 pages of illustrated descriptions of systems and procedures
Fly by Wire and Auto Thrust
  • The FBW system precisely simulates the normal mode, including all protections
Auto Flight
  • The Airbus autoflight system, including FCU, FMA and A/THR, is authentically simulated
  • This model simulates FMGC, FAC, and two large scale MCDUs, to be displayed in a pop-up panel. The MCDU the flight plan aspects a lot more detailed and sophisticated, than XP does
Custom Sound System
  • Realistic sound effects recorded on a real aircraft

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