Airbus  A320-271 Neo Pure Power

Airbus A320-271 Neo Pure Power

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PetersAircraft is proud to present the  first authentic A320neo model for PC-based flight simulation! The  Airbus A320-271N (N for NEO) has Pratt & Whitney PurePower engines and made it's first test flight in September 2014. The First A320 Neo was delivered in January 2016 to Lufthansa.

NEO = New Engine Option  What does this mean?

Airbus is about to pave the way for additional decades of service for some slightly aged aircraft types, which means most of their 2-engine models, the A319, A320, A321 and A330. The term "NEO engine" does not specify a certain engine manufacturer or engine type, but stands for a new class of engines, providing significantly better fuel efficiency, going hand in hand by noise reduction of at least 50%. Actually we are talking of 20% less fuel burn per seat, while Boeing's answer, the B737 MAX8, just saves 8%. In comparision to the actual models, the A320 carries 9 seats more, the A321 unbelievable 20 seats more!

CFM, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce go different ways to achive that goal. The major problem of a high-bypass jet engine is, that for best efficiency, the fan should spin slower and the hi-pressure turbine should spin faster, as a conventional construction permits it. Reduction of rpm has always be achieved by "pneumatic" transmission, a high pressure turbine driving a low pressure turbine of larger diameter, with the fan mounted in front. The possible transmission ratio is limited, so none of the components runs at best rpm, and waist of energy is immense. Rolls Royce traditionally closes this gap a bit more by a third intermediary turbine, which in most cases resulted in a slight advantage in efficiency during flight, payed by higher fuel burn on the ground and higher costs for purchase and maintanance.

The first real breakthrough are the NEO engines. Pratt & Whitney's geared turbofan concept uses a surprisingly compact and light weight mechanical gearbox by the German manufacturer MTU. The gearbox enables the turbine as well as the fan to run at their optimal rpm. The single aisle bypass ratio jumps from ~5:1 to incredible 12:1. Though these engines look huge, there is less solid material inside of the nacelles, which are made of composite material, providing less weight, less parasite drag and higher noise absorbtion.

Detailed 3D cockpit

Systems and procedures
  • Detailed systems and procedures managed by plugins.
  • As close as possible to the real aircraft systems
  • Complete cold and dark procedure
  • The Flight Crew Operating Manual comes with 196 pages of illustrated descriptions of systems and procedures.
Fly by Wire and Auto Thrust
  • The FBW system precisely simulates the normal mode, including all protections
Auto Flight
  • The Airbus autoflight system, including FCU, FMA and A/THR, is authentically simulated

  • This model simulates FMGC, FAC, and two large scale MCDUs, to be displayed in a pop-up panel. The MCDU the flight plan aspects a lot more detailed and sophisticated, than XP does
Custom Sound System
  • Realistic sound effects recorded on a real aircraft
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