Avro Vulcan BMk2

Avro Vulcan BMk2

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Britain's cold war delta winged nuclear deterrent needs little introduction. Conceived before the end of WW2, the Avro Vulcan served in the RAF from 1956 until 1985. A single Vulcan BMk2, XH558, was retained by the RAF display team until 1992. For the next 15 years, XH558 was stored and renovated by the Vulcan to the Sky Trust until her return to the air in 2007. She has now thrilled airshows around Britain for the past two summers.

Every Avro Vulcan was slightly different, and to the seasoned spotter the models can be identified without serial numbers. This X-Plane Avro Vulcan BMk2 is accurately modeled on XH558; featuring distinctive cockpit instrumentation, surface features and her 14 liveries.

The simulation features:
  • Flight dynamics modeled to Avro operating data
  • Object model exterior incorporating detailed animation of control surfaces, speed-brakes undercarriage and crew hatch
  • 3D virtual cockpit with plugin-free pop-up panels
  • Avro avionics modeled with generic instruments for all X-Plane capable Vulcan instrumentation
  • JERA engine sounds sampled from Olympus engines
  • 14 Liveries

More pictures of the Vulcan
Official Vulcan website

X-Plane Compatibility

: X-Plane 10 and 9

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