Beech Twin Bonanza D50B

Beech Twin Bonanza D50B

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The Beechcraft Model 50 Twin Bonanza is a twin-engined aircraft designed by Beechcraft as an executive transport for the business market. It was developed to fill a gap in Beechcraft's product line between the single-engined Model 35 Bonanza and the larger Model 18. The Twin Bonanza is about 150% larger than the Bonanza, has more powerful engines, and is significantly heavier, while in its earliest form having only half the passenger capacity of the Model 18. The Twin Bonanza is not a true twin-engined derivative of the Bonanza since the cabin is wider and longer, however it did use some of the tooling jigs for the Bonanza as did the Travel Air (which was a closer derivative designed later).
The Twin Bonanza was first flown on November 15, 1949 after rapid development, begun only in April of that year. The Model 50's type certificate was awarded in 1951, and production began the same year. The United States Army adopted the Twin Bonanza as the L-23 Seminole utility transport, making it the largest fixed-wing aircraft in its inventory at that time. The Beechcraft Model 65 Queen Air and Model 90 King Air are both direct descendents of the Model 50 Twin Bonanza. All three aircraft share the same basic wing design, as well as landing gear, flaps, instrument panels, fuel cells, and more. (wikipedia)
X-Plane features:
  • 3D cockpit with many animations
  • Instrument panel can be edited in Planemaker by moving instruments and replacing instruments
  • Many International liveries
  • Blank livery for painting
  • Detail layers to add to your livery such as lines, rivets, and dirt
  • Real world Pilot Handbook in .pdf format
  • Opening door and windows from the inside cabin with a mouse click
  • Rotating yoke with a mouse click (gets out of your way)
  • Custom sounds
  • Custom airfoils
  • Pilot figure
  • FSE file for flying Flight Sim Economy
  • Checklist in .txt format
  • Real world engine manuals in .pdf format
  • User manual to help use the aircraft in X-Plane with screenshot helps and general information
  • 3D modeled engine with opening cowls
  • Flood lamps in white or red for night flying
  • Polished metal spinners

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