Carrier Control

Carrier Control

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If you ever wanted to control the aircraft carrier in X-Plane, this plugin may be interesting for you.

This is a plugin which allows you to control the default ‘Nimitz”-class aircraft carrier in X-Plane  11.

The carrier’s speed can be changed from 15 meters per second astern (backwards) to 62 meters per second ahead, with 1 m/s step. From 29 knots astern to 120 knots ahead.
It has the following features:
Change the carrier heading to any integer value from 0 to 359.
Change the carrier speed from 15 meters per second astern (backwards) to 62 meters per second ahead, with 1 m/s step.
Teleport the carrier to you, if you are airborne.
Both speed and heading of the carrier are changed very smooth.
The unique feature: you can secure you aircraft on the flight deck to avoid your aircraft fall off the deck. If your aircraft is secured, it won’t fall off the deck even at high speed.

The carrier control panel displays the following information:
The carrier mode (it is controlled by AI or the player). Everything below is displayed only if player takes control.
The carrier’s speed in meters per second and knots.
The carrier both magnetic and true headings, by taking the local magnetic variation into account.
If carrier speed is higher than its maximum speed in real, “Overspeed” is displayed, otherwise “Normal”.
Wind speed in meters per second and knots.
If wind speed is not 0, than it displays the direction wind blows from, so you can turn the carrier into the wind.
Air temperature in Celsius degrees and barometric pressure.
If visibility is less than 10 000 meters, it displays the actual visibility.
The carrier coordinates: latitude, longitude and elevation, because it is not always zero for some reason.
The unique feature of this plugin is a radar. It constantly searches for obstacles right ahead of the carrier, at maximum distance 9500 meters. If an obstacle is found, then a caution and the range to the obstacle in meters are constantly displayed on the control panel.
To install, simply put the Carrier Control folder into the X-Plane/Resources/plugins folder.

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