Cessna 140

Cessna 140

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Cessna 140, By NKDesign

First produced in 1946, the Cessna 140 is a two seater taildragger. Between it and its variants, over 7664 were built between then and 1951. The NKDesign Cessna 140 is a faithful replica with an accurate 3D Model, a complete FMOD Soundset and more!

Authentic Replica of the Cessna 140
  • High quality 3D model
  • 4K Textures used throughout 
  • Aircraft makes full use of PBR material rendering, and this varies by livery

Interactive Features
  • Menu for swapping in/out various visuals and items; Add Fairings, Chocks or even a working action camera if you see fit!
  • Wearable sunglasses and headset that can be seen on the pilot
  • Six liveries included
  • Paint kit included 
Immersive 3D FMOD Soundscape
  • A complete FMOD soundpack, including authentic recordings of the Continental O-200 that are affected by camera directionality 
  • Wearable headset affects the audio around you when worn; muffled sound, static when turned on etc
  • Multiple sounds used for single switches/levers, meaning manipulators will rarely sound the same
  • Convincing interior atmosphere that will change based on various conditions 
VR Friendly
  • Model is FPS optimised 
  • Ultra HD 4K Gauges makes for easy reading
  • ’Physical’ notebook serves as options menu for ergonomic convenience 

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