Cessna 310L

Cessna 310L

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Cessna entered the light-twin market a clear overdog in late 1954. Speed has always been a strong 310 selling point, for good reason, Piper's Apache had come onto the scene about a year earlier, but with only 150 horsepower a side. Not only did the 310 start out a strapping young twin, but it lived a long and fruitful life. 
The "L" version, introduced in 1967, has the Continental IO-470 fuel injected 260hp engine. This version was the first 310 to include auxiliary fuel tanks inside the wings, it also introduces the single-piece windshield, a redesigned landing gear, and other minor changes.

Overall, the Cessna 310 is among the most successful aircraft models in the recent past. It has traversed the skies of almost every sovereign nation in the world. Its design gave buyers true value for their money while allowing them to make use of small airstrips. Overall, it made it possible for small business to own better and efficient smaller planes.

Detailed 3D Model
  • Full 3D cockpit
  • 4K PBR textures
  • FMOD sounds
Custom Menus
  • Nice Popups menu with
    • Aircraft configuration
    • Weight and balance,
    • Checklist
    • Performance charts
    •  Autopilot
Accurate Performance
  • Carefully adjusted aircraft performance accuracy
Custom effects
  • Ice effects on wings and propellers
  • De-Ice system
  • Wing flex animation
  • Particles effects.
Rain plugin
  • Librain cockpit rain effect by skiselkov
Navigation and systems
  • Custom Navomatic 400 autopilot: - Altitude hold - Flightpath angle - Magnetic heading - Level flight / constant turn mode - optional GPS route mode
  • Oxygen system.
  • Different GPS combinations.
  • Many custom coded systems

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