Citation Longitude

Citation Longitude

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This is the Citation Longitude for X-plane 11. It is an all new aircraft manufactured by Cessna (Textron Aviation). This new  design allows for better performance, range and ease of use for the pilots and passengers. We modeled the Longitude to grasp  the appearance and flight characteristics of the real aircraft. 
The Citation Longitude can be flown to just about any regional or major airports around the globe.
With a top speed of around 470 knots and a range of up to 3500 NM it is truly  a capable aircraft.

  • Optimized for X-Plane 11 
  • Fully modeled/textured interior and exterior with realistic liveries and cockpit
  • Flight dynamics modeled after the real aircraft to allow pilots to experience true performance 
  • Fmod Sounds
  • 4k Textures, PBR and reflections
  • Full control surface and landing gear animations
  • More updates and additions to come

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