Concorde FXP

Concorde FXP

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--- Early Access Software --- For friendly users --- Later full version included ---

Concorde is one of the few aircraft nearly everybody recalls. 
It’s timeless design looks unique and beautiful, up to this date. This milestone in aviation history was developed and build in the 60’s of the last century, realizing what was before considered impossible. A supersonic passenger jet. And up to this date it is impressive.
Is it the four mighty Olympus engines and there reheat (afterburners) roaring during takeoff?
Her slender shape with delta shaped wings? Her unique capabilities, like super-cruising at Mach 2 for hours? Her landing with the legendary droop nose lowered, at angels other aircraft would fall from the sky? The handy business feature to land at a local time before one took off? The sense of evolution, that together the impossible can be achieved?
This add-on project aims to do justice to real life Concorde and there developers. How could a great flight simulation like X-Plane not have a payware quality Concorde available?

After more than two years of development the aircraft is finally ready for flight. Development goes on. With your support we move towards the best possible Concorde For X-Plane.

  • Super detailed 3D cockpit
  • Front panel, center panel, roof panel, side consoles, Engineering
  • 4k cockpit textures including 100’s of texts and markings
  • Incredible level of interactivity
  • More than 1000 click regions (switches, quick access areas etc)
  • 700+ custom lights for:
    •  Warning lamps
    •  Gorgeous, dimmable night lighting (Instruments, panels, consoles, floods, etc.)
  • Detailed 3D model of the aircraft
  • Opening passenger and cargo doors plus service panels
  • Very detailed engines
    •  Including moving ramps, intake/spill doors
    •  Animated primary and secondary nozzles
    •  Engine cowl doors can be opened
    •  Mounted engines
    •  External 3D model of Olympus 593 engine
  • Detailed landing gear
  • Many utility vehicles included (tankers, conveyors, catering, etc)
  • Full use of PBR
  • Beautiful 4k textures including normal maps
  • Refined flight model
  • Subsonic and supersonic speed ranges
  • Mach 2 capable (twice the speed of sound)
  • Takeoff and Landing with Concordes unique attitude
  • Plugin driven custom engine parameters
  • Plugin simulated vortex lift forces and ground effect forces

  • fmod 3D sound
  • Dozens and dozens of sound effects
  • Audio advice from Copilot, Engineer and Pilot
  • A dozen different sound spaces
  • Basic Autopilot (more is in development)
  • 3D passenger cabin
  • Extensive Graphical User Interface (scaleable in size), with features like:
    •  Flight Preparation
    •  Aircraft management:
    •  Virtual flight engineer
    •  Custom content
  • 2 liveries included
  • Many more in the livery download section
  • Regular software updates (download in the forum or on
  • ‘10 essentials’ manual included (55 pages)
  • Quickstart manual (coming in summer)
  • Full manual (coming in summer)

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