Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina 9767

Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina 9767

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The Consolidated PBY Catalina  is one of the most significant aircraft of the golden years of aviation. This American flying boat produced by Consolidated Aircraft was widely used as a versatile aircraft during World War II.

Awesome 3D Model throughout
  • Fully animated with Virtual (3D) Cockpit - Fps friendly
  • Intensive use of manipulators technology - realistic movements of parts, levers, knobs, etc.
7 different versions of the PBY-5A
  • Military, 2 Civilian, 2 Water Bomber, Modern, and actual '9767'

Detailed manuals

  • Comprehensive Flight manuals and Check-list adapted from the real aircraft

Detailed Custom systems (using sasl)

  • Now, you have a copilot !
    • Manages: RPM, mixture setting (depending on flight configuration, cowl flap and carburetor heat system
    • Informs you of various systems status (Landing gear, water-tank, probe, etc...)
  • Realistic engines failures
    • Read manual and check-list carefully: Realistic engines mixture settings : ICO - Auto lean - Auto rich - Full rich emergency
    • Realistic water operations, more drag at low speed, etc ...
  • Realistic water bomber operation
    • Follow the check-list item by item- 2 drop mode available - Emergency drop handle - Increased drag while scooping
  • Hydraulic system simulated
    • Engine hydraulic pump and emergency hydraulic pump feeding 2 accumulators
    • Easy mode with no hydraulic failure
  • 3D and custom sounds
  • Easy mode
    • Engine failure can be disabled - Easy water ops - Easy hydraulics with no failure
  • Alert pop-up system
  • 2D pop-up panels
    • Switches panel - Check-list (Normal and Emergency) -Point of view

X-Plane Compatibility

: X-Plane 10 and 9

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