DC-8 71 XP11

DC-8 71 XP11

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Relive the glamour of classic jetliners. Built in 1958 by the Douglas Aircraft Company, launched after the competing Boeing 707, the DC-8 nevertheless kept Douglas in a strong position in the airliner market. The DC-8's are unique in that reverse thrust is used in flight, the spoilers are only used to dump lift after touchdown. Also it is designed with no leading edge slats. Another unique feature is that when crosswind landing, the DC-8-71 is landed in a crab all the way to touch down, otherwise the large engines would scrape the runway. the landing gear is made strong enough to take the side force. It is also unique in that it is one of the only  airliners to break the speed of sound in a shallow dive.
  • This package contains 4 different versions of the DC-8, the DC-8-61, the DC-8-63, the DC-8-71 freighter version, and the DC-8-71 passenger version.
New Version for X-Plane 11
  • new DC-8 71 passenger version
  • 3D civa added (version 61-63)
  • new v11 3D FMS: two distinct FMS (version 71-71F)
  • removed extra rocket engines sound system, instead uses new sound pack with new plugin
  • fuel transfer & selector added (x-plane default)
  • new custom gauges
  • nav 1/2 + transponder numbers corrected
  • instruments reflections texture reduced
  • speed brake handle corrected (arm function + texture)
  • GPU and stairs can show separately now
  • DC-8-61 version: wing texture sharpened and leading edge riveting removed
  • animated cargo door added on freighter version
  • two new liveries: Delta Airlines & Zambia airways
  • new v11 custom icons for all liveries
  • PBR metal
  • New 3D instruments
  • New autopilot
Full features list:
  • Flight testing by retired DC-8-63 and L-1011 pilot Andre Poirier, and DC-8-71 Captain Carlos Roldos, and DC-8-63 captain Gerhard Opel
  • 42 functions on the flight engineers panel however plane can be flown with out using the flight engineers panel
  •  Total of 15 high resolution liveries with a paint kit for user to make their own liveries
    • Transcontinental, United, Quebec air, UPS worldwide, UPS classic, United, Eastern, KLM, ATI, Garuda Indonesian, Transamerica, Japan Airlines, DHL, , Eastern, UTA
  • 3D cockpit by Julien Brezel
  • Animation of the doors includes the animation of the corresponding stair car.
  • Two choices of textures for the cockpit are provided, low definition & high definition, depending on your graphic card abilities.
  • Visible hot air jet exhaust
  • Animated thrust reversers and spinning fans
  • Choice of 3 pilot figures, male and female. Custom slider keys can be defined in your "joystick and Equipment" menu in xplane to show/hide First officer and Flight engineer, also show/hide ground services  GPU/stairs), also front door opening, and aft door opening.
  • Uses 3D lighting for both interior and exterior night textures. For the best experience, ensure that the HDR is activated in your rendering options. The rudder illuminates when taxi light is ON.
  • Comprehensive user manual and full checklist including cold and dark starting based on scans that Andre sent me of his flight manual
  • Detailed pneumatic hoses underneath spoilers and flaps
  • The most realistic way to fly a jet plane of this era is to use the CIVA plug in which is available at this store

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