DHC-2  Beaver Package

DHC-2 Beaver Package

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The King of bush planes: Water, Land and Snow!

Incredible Virtual cockpit
  • Fully 3D animated. Animated pilot, controls, surfaces. Use of manipulators

Accurate flight model

  • Data used from the type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS) and from the pilot operating handbook (POH)
  • Based on real pilot's experience

3 models in one easy package

  • Animated retractable skis, Animated amphibious floats (Includes a detachable canoe), and a "wheels" Beaver
3 new and 2 updated liveries by Roger Mark
  • 3 new exciting skins: Atlin Air,Army SAR and Mo’s Fishing. 2 updated skins:  Alaska Air Taxi, and LoneWolf.

Main Features:

  • Flight model optimized and tested by Alaska bush pilots.
  • Goodway and FSE compatible
  • A totally redesigned and updated 3D cockpit & cabin with animated:
    • flight controls, trim wheels, cockpit and cabin doors.
    • engine primer, wobble pump, emergency fuel shutoff and more
  • Dynamic rheostat-controlled cockpit and instrument lighting
  • Cleverly concealed switches which pop-up a GPS, the remote control, engine gauges, copilot Yoke and the Canoe!
  • Checklister checklist
  • Bonus: Our unique HangarOps plug-in which lets you tug your Beaver around the ramp and place it in your very own animated hangar!

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