DHC-3 Turbo Otter

DHC-3 Turbo Otter

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The original DHC-3 Otter ceased production in 1967. Since then many of these sturdy bushplanes have had their 600HP Wasp radials swapped out for a more powerful turbo-prop power plant thus improving reliability and performance. Our Turbo Otter features a Pratt and Whitney 750 HP PT6A-34 turbine and is based on the typical Viking or Vazar conversion with included STOL kit. In looks and performance it brings the Otter right up to date. Fun fact; there is actually no such thing as a "DHC-3T" model! The "T" designation is unofficial because De Havilland never produced a turbine-engine Otter.
Turbo Otters, like their radial predecessors, are used extensively across all types of flights: charters, tourist work, cargo and scheduled service, flying passengers and bulky loads deep into the bush or on the water, to airfields that would be impossible for most other aircraft.
Same Character, More capable
The overall gross weight is the same as the radial version, but the lighter weight of the turbo-prop powerplant allows the payload to increase by approximately 400lb. The increased power allows shorter take-offs and landings, greater rate of climb and a higher cruising speed - but be careful: in some situations the PT6 can deliver more power than the airframe can handle safely! The airframe's Va (Design Maneuvering Speed) is 143 MPH, but the PT6 turbo can push it way beyond the safe limits, so be sure to manage power and airspeed carefully!
The Turbo Otter can carry payloads up to 2,600 lbs.and has a maximum passenger capacity of 9. Cruise speeds up to 140 kts (161 MPH - only in calm conditions!) over a maximum range of about 625 miles. Recommended cruise speed is 124 Kts (143 MPH) maximum. Fuel consumption is approximately 35 gallons per hour at this cruise speed.

Land Anywhere, Haul Everything

The workhorse capabilities of the DHC-3T Turbo Otter are able to be put to the test. Three separate configurations have been included for landing gear: Standard wheels, amphibious floats,and straight floats; each model complete with tuned flight dynamics that accurately reflects differences in performance and handling.
The interior can be outfitted for nearly any adventure you'd like, with separate passenger and passenger/cargo combinations. Individual passenger and cargo locations can be loaded/unloaded in the simulator, allowing for the visual emulation of flying to a destination and back again. Beyond a certain amount of cargo weight, the aft-most passengers and passenger seats are removed automatically to make room for the extra cargo. With the amphib and floats versions, the canoe mounted to the starboard side undercarriage can be removed.
Meticulously Detailed

The vFlyteAir DHC-3T Turbo Otter features an intricately modeled, true-to-life interior and exterior, with an abundance of fine detail. All gauges, switches and controls feature smooth animation. High resolution textures with lifelike metal effects and realistic weathering create a simulation like no other.

PT6-34: 'By the Book' performance
  • Engine model = Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34
  • Engine Power = 750 SHP Flat Rated up to 4000 ft. ISA conditions
  • Propeller = 3 bladed, constant speed.
  • Propeller model = Hartzell HC-B3TN-3DY /T10282+4
Accurate & In-Depth

The DHC-3T provides an accurate, realistic recreation of key characteristics and systems functionality. The electrical system is closely simulated, with operable circuit breakers present for key systems. The operation of the flaps, operated much like the Beaver with a selector valve and a hand pump, behaves realistically. And a powered tailwheel system has been custom created for this aircraft with a three way toggle switch that allows switching between powered, free-castoring and locked. The landing gear installed as part of the amphib's pontoons are operated using an up/down selector lever and hydraulic hand-pump.
The amphib and floats versions have a hand-operated water rudder lever located on the right, aft of the pilot's seat.

Custom FMOD sound design

The Turbo Otter comes with a completely customized 3D sound environment engineered by SimAcoustics. Using FMOD, SimAcoustics have created an accurate and immersive simulation of the powerful Pratt & Whitney PT6 engine for your listening pleasure, including realistic sound effects for Beta and Reverse pitch settings. The immersive sounds continue throughout the model, including:
  • Buttery-smooth engine starts
  • Highly authentic beta range sound effects
  • Propeller-wash sound effects
  • Squealing brakes
  • Stall buffeting
  • Audible cockpit controls (switches, levers, etc.)
  • 3D sound positioning
  • Realistic distance attenuation
  • Custom weather sound effects
Rain & Ice effects
  • Included is an implementation of Saso Kiselkov's rain & ice effects librain plugin.
Special Features
  • Integrated support for Reality XP GNS and GTN plugins (please read the user manual for supported RXP plugin configurations)
  • KAP 140 autopilot now provides accurate two-axis control - greatly improved in this release!
  • Professionally created & tuned, high-fidelity flight model including accurate characteristics specific to the DHC-3T. This release features improved performance and landing characteristics.
  • Body Configurations - Standard Wheels, Floats, Amphibious Floats, each with individually tuned flight models. Skis can also be added to the wheels version as a visual option.
  • Multiple loadout configurations, with passengers and cargo. Selectable cargo includes an externally mounted canoe!
  • Weight and Balance and Center of Gravity is calculated constantly as fuel is consumed and loads are adjusted.
  • Unique flap operation which simulates the usage of the manually operated hydraulic pump and selector on the DHC-3T. (Flaps can also be operated as normal using keyboard or joystick assignments)
  • Realistic locked / powered / free-castoring tailwheel simulation
  • Portable oxygen system installed in the cockpit provides crew oxygen at high altitudes using X-Plane's new oxygen systems simulation
  • Custom menu system by vFlyteAir Simulations
  • Richly detailed cabin with beautiful high resolution textures and smoothly animated gauges.
  • Realistic and fully adjustable cabin and instrument lighting.
  • Ability to completely hide yoke and column for ease of access to important switches and controls.
  • Yoke can be "thrown over" to the copilot side.
  • Four liveries based on or inspired by real world aircraft included.
  • Detailed & educational flight manual
  • Yoke Lock feature
  • Accurately modeled pump-operated flaps
  • Pump-operated landing gear (amphib version)
  • Power Lever with Beta Gate and Reverse selections
  • Condition Lever with idle cutoff safety guard
  • Accurately modeled Fuel Transfer Switch
  • Animated crew and passengers
  • Easy updates via the built-in STMA updater. No need to re-download to be up-to-date.

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