Diamond Katana DA20 C1

Diamond Katana DA20 C1

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The DA20’s graceful lines and sporty looks belie its utility and durability. An incredibly fun aircraft to fly, the DA20-C1 earns its stripes in worldwide high utilization flight training day in and day out. It has been the standard and sole US Airforce pilot candidate initial flight screening aircraft for the past decade.
Flight schools worldwide appreciate the DA20’s robustness, performance, ramp appeal and economy of operation. It’s used to train from first flight through night VFR and IFR (in VMC), including instructor ratings, thanks to the spin certification.
Its generous useful load, even well equipped, ample fuel capacity and comfortable cockpit make it a favorite of instructors, students and flight school operators alike. In continuous production for over 20 years, the DA20 has more than proven itself, with the accumulated experience of millions of flight hours, flown in all operating extremes, shaping the current model. Unless you absolutely need 4 seats, the DA20-C1 is the best trainer value on the market, bar none.
For private pilots, the pure exhilaration of flight in a DA20, coupled with convenient ground handling, low maintenance and operating costs, means that it’s easy to enjoy flying anytime, alone or with a friend. (diamondaircraft.com)

  • Virtual 3d cockpit
  • Animated 3d parts
  • Animated pilot figure
  • Custom airfoil
  • Custom sounds
  • Easy to make your own liveries with the blank livery included
  • Custom stripe layers and weathering included for painting your own livery
  • Can edit the instrument panel in Planemaker
  • International tail number liveries
  • A link is provided in the User Manual to download a complete flight manual from diamond's website
  • Canopy opens and closes with a mouse click
  • Window vents that open with a mouse click
  • Garmin 430 with pop up panel for easy reading and setting
  • Preflight menu
  • Wheel fairing options to add/remove
  • Tie downs, remove before flight flags, and chocks
  • Flight Sim Economy file so you can fly there right out of the box

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