Dolomites 3D -  Belluno - Southern Dolomites

Dolomites 3D - Belluno - Southern Dolomites

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Third part of  3D Dolomites: Belluno

This third part of Dolomites 3D includes the provincial-capital Belluno and the southern Dolomites. It connects to the second part of Dolomites 3D (Cortian Cadore) to the north. 

The southern area of  provincial of Belluno-city is very wild and not very touristy, while the northernmost valleys are very populated (Agordo, Alleghe, Colle S. Lucia, Val Fiorentina, Zoldana ....).  
Belluno city, which has over 14,000 buildings positioned manually and reconstructed as in real, Churches, public buildings, soccer stadiums, hospital, cemetery ...

The airport area is extremely detailed.

The 3D models of this area are very important:  Marmolada (queen of the Dolomites), the Civetta-Moiazza group and Pale S.Martino + other smaller groups.
All villages  reproduced with houses, churches and industries. Placed the polygons-textures that simulate the characteristics of the real terrain.


  • 1200 sq. Km of scenic Mountain Scenery
  • Belluno Airport LIDB - Extremely detailed
  • over 10 Heliports in strategic sites.
  • Belluno city , Longarone + Vajont dam, many valleys: Agordina, Fiorentina, Zoldana, Cordevole, Piave, Prmiero ...
  •  Over 20,000 buildings positioned, with many buildings rebuilt.
  • 10  3D models: Pale di San martino, Marmolada, Civetta, Moiazza, San Sebastiano (Tamer), Sass Set, Sagron ...
  • All the vegetation mapped
  • Inserted hundreds of polygons / textures to reproduce the photo-realistic terrain
  • Reproduced the main skilift-plants, in particular the Marmolada with 3 sections.
  • Reproduced all the main refuges in the area: Coldai, Tissi, VII ° Alpini, Carestiato, Scarpa,Città di iume, Venice Ref. ...

The third part of Dolomites 3D connects to the second (Cortina Cadore) in the Northern area.

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