EGKA - Shoreham - Brighton City Airport

EGKA - Shoreham - Brighton City Airport

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As the debut product of NKDesign, EGKA (Brighton City Airport) has been faithfully replicated in great detail. With high resolution objects, ground textures and volumetric grass that blend seamlessly with the ground, the visuals are quite something.

Shoreham (Brighton City Airport) is located in the parish of Lancing in West Sussex, widely popular for it's distinctive Art Deco terminal and its long history, being one of the oldest commercial airports in the world.

  • Beautiful high resolution volumetric grass
  • Functioning hangar doors 
  • Each object individually hand placed, all with pre-rendered ambient occlusion 
  • High resolution ground textures with specular and bump maps
  • Stunning high density vegetation 
  • Faithful replica of the classic Art Deco terminal 

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