Eagle 315 HP Twin Prototype

Eagle 315 HP Twin Prototype

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With a detailed fully-animated 3D model, PBR textures, FMOD sounds, and custom systems, the Eagle 315 HP Twin Prototype is a quality aircraft for X-Plane 11 on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

Ease of use and lots of fun are the design basis of this retro-style GA airplane. While at first a simple aircraft, over 500 hours of meticulous development and flight testing have gone into making the Eagle 315 HP Twin Prototype a feature-rich aircraft, oriented for training in both VFR and IFR conditions. Thanks to its high performance flight model, wide view cockpit windows, large instruments, and specific panel layout, pilots can easily focus on the flight, allowing a wide range of uses.

  • VFR/IFR instrument panel
  • Twin (2 x 160 HP)
  • Empty weight 1900 lb
  • Max take off weight 3800 lb
  • Cruise speed 185 kt

  • Full hand-painted PBR textures for cloth, wood, metal, leather, etc
  • FMOD 3D internal/external sound environment
  • 3D animated cockpit with custom instruments, lighting, and glow-in-the-dark labeling (turn off the interior lights to see!)
  • Two cockpit versions: black or white instrument styles
  • Custom S-TEC avionics & autopilot
  • Fuse and failure panel with 24 individually simulated items
  • Static details and ground equipment, including pilot & passenger, luggage cart, and chocks.
  • Cargo bay under the fuselage (based on weight and balance)
  • 4 liveries: Eagle, Owl, Fire Particles, and Talisman
  • Includes PDF manual, and normal procedures checklists

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