Eclipse 550 NG

Eclipse 550 NG

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Eclipse 550, "THE LIGHT JET LIGHT YEARS AHEAD", not only in real skies but also in X-Plane.

A very realistic Eclipse 550 from Aerobask, fitted with their acclaimed Dynon Skyview, their new GTN750 and GTN650, cross-platform compatible.

Exclusive features
  • Professional flight model from X-Aerodynamics
  • In-house coded GTN 750 and GTN 650 with touchscreen and scroll-wheel support:
    • Exclusive multi-threaded and fps-friendly map and terrain display
    • Terrain awareness display based on actual data
    • Configurable map rendering
    • TCAS with online flying support
    • Airways, SID and STAR support (waypoint-based)
    • Flight plan import/export compatible with stock XP10 fms format
    • Built-in chart viewer - easily import yours
    • COM support for PilotEdge (Connect/disconnect, TX/RX, COM1&2 volume control)
    • COM awareness for IVAO and VATSIM (conneciton status)
    • COM, NAV and XPNDR dialing pad
    • Interactive checklists
    • Resizable pop-ups
    • VIP controller, in cabin and in popup for aircraft management
  • Latest revision of Dynon Skyview with added scroll-wheel support
    • NEW! Scroll-wheel support on lists, map, HDG, CRS, MDA, ALT, VVI, etc...
    • Airways, SID and STAR support (waypoint-based)
    • Weather map display on multiple screens and orientations
    • TCAS with Traffic Advisory and Resolution Advisory
    • Resizable pop-ups
  • Optimized for XP11 with PBR support
  • Enhanced FMOD 3D sounds
  • Compatible with GoodWay 5.0.1 or higher
  • VR Ready
  • Auto-Updater
  • Ultra-High quality 3D model with:
    • 4K textures
    • ambient occlusion
    • specular map
    • PBR normal mapping (XP11)
  •  Pop-up menus for weight & fuel and options
  • Saved fuel and passenger configuration
  • Fully functional virtual 3D cockpit, with livery-dependent interior design.
  • Windshield and EFIS reflections
  • Rain graphic and sound effects
  • Script-driven custom sounds
  • Ground Power Unit
  • N140NE: default livery in classic black and white, with a hint of orange
  • Low-resolution variant of N140NE for saving VRAM on low-end systems
  • F-BCBG: adding a bit of modernity while keeping classic colors
  • FLOWER POWER: you though flying in pink was classy? You'll love this one!
  • N508JP: we could not imagine a bizjet without a white and blue livery...
  • N581WC: Gold, gold (almost) everywhere, for the most refined of us.
  • N582WD: mostly white, for those who place privacy above style.
  • N646WT: Red and copper stunning BRC livery.
  • N647WT: fictional red and charcoal variant of the BRC.
  • N656FP: the first livery ever made for the Eclipe
  • OO-LZH: MY livery, YOU find out why...
Documentation in PDF format
  • Performance guidelines - Normal Checklists
  • Aerobask GTN manual
  • Aerobask Eclipse manual - Aerobask Skyview manual
  • Aerobask Skyview v2 addendum
  • Recommended graphics settings - Disclaimer
  • Online flight planner tutorial - Quick-look views

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