Embraer 110 - Bandeirantes XP10

Embraer 110 - Bandeirantes XP10

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The Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante or 'Bandit' is a turboprop aircraft with capacity 15-21 passengers, for civil or military use, developed by Brazilian manufacturer Embraer. The Embraer 110 is another quality aircraft by DreamFoil Creations

New updated version 2.0 with built-in GPS

Three versions of the EMB-110
  • Original model and panel version
  • Original model and panel with GNS 430/530 version
  • Model with 10º diehdral in the elevator version.

High quality 3D model and textures

  • Cabin, Cockpit and Instruments lights available with great effects
  • GPS 430/530
  • Full simulation of all switches
  • Hydraulic simulation
  • Hotstart simulation for manual startup
  • Caps for turbine inlet, outlet and pitot
  • GPU (Ground Power Unit) available
  • Air Conditioner simulation
  • Prop Disc effects feature 3D holographic side view, which changes depending on prop settings
  • Fully articulated and animated sun visors
  • Very accurate flight characteristics.
  • Windshield rain effects: rain drops move realistically in accordance with airspeed, get cleared by wipers, and repopulate after wipers are shut off.
  • Wx radar simulation
  • 7 High-Resolution Liveries

SmartMenu Technology

  • Clickable external areas for increased interactivity.
  • You can enter inside of aircraft by clicking on doors
  • Refuel the aircraft by clicking on the fuel inlet, a pie slider make it very easy
  • Open cargo compartment from exterior
  • A menu on the nose for inserting or removing motor covers, wheel block, pitot cover and support in the tail. These items can be inserted or removed also by clicking on them.

DreamEngine sounds

  • Over +50 sounds included
  • Doppler Effect and Atmospheric Attenuation
  • Realistic TurboProp sounds with real-time propeller dynamics
  • Relative Sustain effect for startup and shutdown
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