Epic Victory 2.0

Epic Victory 2.0

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The First HD  Skyview Touch for X-Plane! Now in version 2.0

The Epic Victory in an experimental jet designed by Epic Aircraft. Equipped with a single engine (Pratt & Whitney PW600) it is classified as a VLJ (very light jet).
It can carry up to 4 people in great comfort for over 1300 miles at a cruising speed of 250 knots.

Awesome version 2.0 with many unique features
  • SkyView Touch - Simulated Skyview with easy to use TouchScreen - new and exclusive
  • SID - STAR  and Airways. They can be entered with ease with the new Skyview Touch - new and exclusive
  • advanced TCAS system - new
  • Dynamic Weather map on the Skyview Screen - new
  • Packed with as many features as a $60-$70 aircraft!
Aerobask Quality 3D Model
  • High quality 3D model throughout
  • Flight model defined according to the specifications of public data. Fun to fly.
  • Ultra-High Resolution textures. 4K, Ambient Occlusion, Specular, Normal mapping and night lightning.
  • Fully functional and animated Virtual 3D cockpit.
  • Panoramic windshield with reflections, rain and icing effects.
  • Ground Power Unit
First ever modeled Skyview for X-Plane
  • 3 EFIS  Skyview 
  • Extensive custom logic to simulate  the real Skyview
    • Custom MAPs & FMS
    • Flight Plans Management
    • Transponder
    • AutoPilot and radio 
  • All EFIS can be displayed in Pop-up view
Other Systems
  • EIS MVP50, 2 Garmin GNC255, 1 STEC5000 Autopilot, ADL110B weather radar, TCAS and vocal alerts.
  • Can also be viewed as Pop-up windows
Dynamic Menus
  • Options Menu
  • Fuel & weight management
  • GPU
Custom 3D Sounds
  • Engine, gear, flaps, door, vocal alert, callout.
  • Enhanced 3D sound engine using SASL functions.
  • More than 6 different paint schemes using 4K textures (more available at aerobask.com)
  • Victory general manual
  • Aerobask Skyview manual
  • Checklist normal operation
  • Online Flight Planner tutorial

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