F-35B Lightning II

F-35B Lightning II

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AOA Simulations is proud to announce the remastered version of it's V/STOL stealth F-35B Lightning II.

Nothing does what it does. Vertical takeoff and supersonic flight followed by a vertical landing. Carefree high AOA handling and complete situational awareness. It does it all. 
  • 3 different models (Close Air Support, Anti-ship and land attack with the new Kongsberg Joint Strike Missile, V/STOL)
  • Realistic PBR effects
  • Complete textures overhaul
  • New 3D cockpit with panoramic cockpit display
  • Enhanced avionics, mission systems and flight model
  • New animated weapons set (GBU-12, GBU-53B, JSM, GAU-25 gunpod, AIM-120D, AIM-9X)
  • New FMOD sounds
  • New comprehensive 110-pages flight manual and tutorial
  • Photoshop Paintkit
  • New plugable air intake covers with squadrons insignias
  • VR-Ready
  • Free upgrade for existing customers
SASL plugin controls the following items and more:
  • "Roll to see" (R2c) dynamic pilot's head camera
  • "Target Track" locks pilot camera on AI planes for formation flying, dog fighting and in-flight refueling
  • "Boat Track" locks the pilot camera on the aircraft carrier when you fly within 10 nm of the boat
  • Auto Ground Collision Avoidance System (Auto GCAS) just like in the real jet
  • DAS (Distributed Aperture System) auto switching camera system like the real jet enables spherical view around and "thru" the fuselage
  • Two inflight refueling methods available: Easy, "virtual" IFR option or more challenging IFR from AI planes
  • Cockpit switch enabled "hot pit" ground refueling
  • Cockpit switch option to reload weapons in-flight
  • Auto flaps logic just like real aircraft
  • Manual or Auto thrust vector control options
  • APC (Approach Power Compensation) auto throttle mode like the real jet. Determines and maintains correct approach speed for current aircraft weight.
  • Fly-By-Wire flight control system. The jet is fully controllable at any angle of attack or aircraft attitude. Full recovery from flat spins, inverted flat spins or extended tail slides.
  • In this model YOU can perform the "falling leaf pedal turn" maneuver done by real jet at airshows all over the country (USA)
  • Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) projects flight information on the pilot's helmet visor in place of a Head Up Display found on "old" fighter jets. Automatically reconfigures for each weapon selected or phase of flight.
  • Quick access menu for autopilot autothrottle preset airspeed and preset thrust vector control popup buttons
  • Wide format Panoramic Cockpit Display (PCD) touch screen has nine pages and can display 3 to 4 at any time. 
Up to 9 real-world 4K liveries available:
  • BF-01 Prototype
  • IT Gruppo Aerei Imbarcati Wolves
  • UK Royal Navy Doom 21
  • USAF 461st Flight Test Squadron
  • USMC VMFA-121 Green Knights
  • USMC VMFA-122 Flying Leathernecks
  • USMC VMFA-211 Wake Island Avengers
  • USMC VMFAT-501 Warlords
  • USN VX-23 Air Test and Evaluation Squadron

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