F-86E Sabrejet XP10

F-86E Sabrejet XP10

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The North American F-86 Sabre (Sabrejet) is the first jet-fighter for the US Airforce and had great success in combat during the Korean war.

This model features:
  1. Model and flight model data from the Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS) and from the pilot operating handbook (POH).
  2. Airframe and flight model totally rebuilt to be as close to realistic as X-Plane's recent advances permit. Speeds, handling and "the numbers" are very close to the real airplane.
  3. Detailed 3D instrument panel and cockpit. In the 3D cockpit, you’ll find fully animated:
    •  Flight controls and engine controls.
    •  Landing and taxi lights.
    •  Landing gear and gear doors.
    •  Wing slats.
    •  Speedbrakes.
  4. Very accurate and realistic skins job .Skins are in a separate liveries folder which permits use of X-Plane V9’s new livery selection feature.
  5. Realistic custom instrument panel and gauges by Fischer-Bayern Artworks master graphics artist Peter Fischer.
  6. Documents include performance data and checklists extracted from the Pilot Operating Handbook (POH).

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