FMOD Experience: Cessna 172

FMOD Experience: Cessna 172

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FMOD Experience: Cessna 172 is a premium quality sound package for X-Plane 11. Using the powerful new FMOD sound system we built a sound environment to a level of detail "never heard before".

All audio has been recorded straight from a real Cessna 172 using studio grade recording equipment. In the simulator, this results in crisp and clear audio all around the aircraft. The Lycoming O-360's lovely exhaust note and the impressive noise of propeller blades cutting through the air can now be enjoyed at your leisure. 

On the interior, every switch, lever and knob has been assigned its own sound effect. With all effects accurately placed in 3D space (best enjoyed in VR), you will get to know the aircraft even better.

But it doesn't stop at the aircraft, we also made sure the environment is well represented. Wind noise plays a huge role during flight. Our sound effects make sure you remember that every aircraft is basically a glider. 

The package additionally includes high quality ambient (nature) sounds so those exterior camera views are no longer devoid of any sound when the aircraft is at a distance.

We've poured our heart and soul into this package and we hope it will take your simming experience to new heights.

Key features:
  • Authentic engine, propeller and exhaust notes
  • Realistic sounds for all equipment inside and outside of the aircraft
  • True to life system and control noise of the G1000 navigation unit
  • Detailed airflow and weather sound effects
  • Ambient (nature) noise that makes the world come to life
  • VR Ready: Optimized 3D placement of every sound source
  • Works on 3 different models (AirFoilLabs, Carenado and Laminar Research)
  • Compatible with AI controlled aircraft
Compatible with these Aircraft
  • Laminar Research default C172
  • AirFoilLabs C172
  • Carenado C172SP

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