FMOD SD Series: F-16C Viper

FMOD SD Series: F-16C Viper

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FMOD SD Series: F-16C "Viper" is a high quality sound package for X-Plane 11, it is designed for use with the F-16C by JCS Aircraft and depicts the General Electric F110 engine variant. 

The noise of the powerful F110 jet engine has been faithfully reproduced at every power setting, both inside and outside the aircraft. Featuring earth shattering afterburner audio recorded right next to the runway. On top of that, we've also included dynamic fly-by effects recreating the thrill of high speed passes and aerobatic maneuvres.

Inside the cockpit the sound of the airflow responds to your every move as airspeed increases and you start to stress the aircraft. You'll also find that every animated switch, lever and knob has its own sound effect, accurately positioned in 3D space (best enjoyed in VR). Should you prefer realism over engine and airflow noise, simply take the included flight helmet configuration for a spin.

To further increase the level of immersion outside the aircraft, several ambient noise tracks play in the background bringing the world to life.

Key features:
  •  Accurately recreated GE F110 engine noise
  •  Dynamic fly-by effects, both subsonic and supersonic
  •  Advanced airflow sound effects inside the cockpit
  •  Optional flight helmet simulation
  •  Weapon release sound effects
  •  Realistic sounds for all equipment inside and outside of the aircraft
  •  Ambient (nature) and weather sound effects
  •  VR Ready: Optimized 3D placement of every sound source

Please note the installation procedure requires knowledge of moving files to appropriate directories (extracting, copying and pasting).

About FMOD SD Series: With our SD Series sound packages, we strive to add high quality audio to aircraft that we cannot record directly in the field (i.e. none are flying anymore or are difficult to access). The result being we use synthesized/mixed samples to build the sound package. Overall, SD Series sound packages are slightly less feature rich than our premium "FMOD Experience" line-up.

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