FMOD SD Series: SR-71 Blackbird

FMOD SD Series: SR-71 Blackbird

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Did you ever wonder what the SR-71 actually sounds like? FMOD SD Series: SR-71 Blackbird is a high quality sound package for X-Plane 11 that will answer that question. Designed and built around the default SR-71 by Laminar Research, it will transform the aircraft into the superhero it deserves to be. 

From the typical jet whine to the roaring afterburners, our sound package accurately simulates the engine noise of the Blackbird's two Pratt & Whitney J58 turbojet engines. You'll want to turn your volume up a notch for this one!

As those same jet engines passing by at high speeds can sound even more impressive, we've carefully recreated an exterior sound image that will invoke that "airshow vibe" as the aircraft screams past the camera. And don't worry, of course we've thrown in thundering sonic booms as well.

Inside the cockpit, every animated switch, lever and knob has its own sound effect, accurately positioned in 3D space (best enjoyed in VR). An optional pressure suit configuration has also been included for users that are seeking even greater realism.

The package additionally comes with several high quality ambient (nature) sounds that bring the world to life.

Key features:
- Accurately recreated J58 engine noise
- Dynamic fly-by effects, both subsonic and supersonic
- Optional pressure suit configuration
- Realistic sounds for all equipment inside and outside of the aircraft
- Ambient (nature) and weather sound effects
- VR Ready: Optimized 3D placement of every sound source

Please note the installation procedure requires knowledge of moving files to appropriate directories (extracting, copying and pasting).

About FMOD SD Series: With our SD Series sound packages, we strive to add high quality audio to aircraft that we cannot record directly in the field (i.e. none are flying anymore or are difficult to access). The result being we use synthesized/mixed samples to build the sound package. Overall, SD Series sound packages are slightly less feature rich than our premium "FMOD Experience" line-up.

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