Fleet of Fancy #2: The 75th Anniversary of D-Day for VSkyLabs C-47 Skytrain

Fleet of Fancy #2: The 75th Anniversary of D-Day for VSkyLabs C-47 Skytrain

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A collection of liveries (does not include the plane) applicable to VSkyLabs C-47 Skytrain version 3 for X-Plane 11.  Depicting thirty-three liveries, most of which participated in the anniversary of D-Day on June 6, 2019 over England and France.

1. Aerometal N18121
2. Candler Field Express N28AA
3. USAAF 315087 "Airborne" by Aircraft Guaranty N150D
4. USAAF 26480 "The Duchess of Dakota" by Texas Flying Legends Museum N534BE
5. ALSib 2015 N4550J by Museum of the Armed Forces of Russia RA-2944G
6. Civil Air Transport N8336C "Spirit of Benovia" by JM Air
7. Legend Airways of Colorado N25641 "Liberty"
8. Flabob Express N103NA
9. USAAF 224064 "Placid Lassie" by Tunison Foundation N74589
10. ALSib 2015 N12BA by Museum of the Armed Forces of Russia RA-05738
11. Royal Air Force FZ692 "Kwicherbichen" by RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight ZA947
12. USAAF 268830 "D-Day Doll" by Commemorative Air Force N45366
13. Aer Lingus EI-ACD by P Adrian ZS-NTE
14. D-Day75 Tribute by M McBryan C-FDTD
15. USAAF 292847 "That's All Brother" by American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum N47TB
16. Vintage Wings Aircraft N472AF "KG668"
17. USAAF 330647 "Virginia Ann" by Mission Boston D-Day N62CC
18. USAF O-30665 "Miss Virginia" by Dynamic Avlease N47E
19. MALEV HA-LIX "Kármán Tódor" by Goldtimer Foundation
20. USAAF 2100591 "Tico Belle" by Valiant Air Command N3239T
21. USAAF 2100882 "Drag 'em Oot" by Dakota Heritage N473DC
22. USAAF 2100884 by Aces High N147DC
23. Royal Danish Air Force K-682 "Gamle Dame" by Foreningen For Flyvende Museumsfly OY-BPB
24. Johnson Flying Service "Miss Montana" by Museum of Mountain Flying NC24320
25. USAF 43-770 "Spooky" by American Flight Museum N2805J
26. USAAF 348608 "Betsy's Biscuit Bomber" by Gooney Bird Group N47SJ
27. USAAF 348716 "Luck of the Irish" by Air Heritage Collection N836M
28. USAAF 348950 "Hit or Miss" by Turin Aviation Group N834M
29. US Navy 50783 "Ready 4 Duty" by American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum N151ZE
30. American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum N47HL "Bluebonnet Belle"
31. TransNorthern N29TN by Alaska Military Heritage Museum
32. Chalair F-AZOX by Seine Aviation Sarl
33. Pan American NC33611 "Clipper Tabitha May" by PMDG Flight Operations N33611

* Each customized texture attempts to represent the subject interior and exterior as it appeared during the targeted year.
* Passenger seat visibility is toggled in the simulator by clicking upon the equipment rack located aft of the co-pilot's position.  Some individual liveries intentionally do not display the equipment rack, seats or cargo.
* Proprietary normal/bump maps are included, implementing Physically Based Rendering ("PBR") when appropriate.
* Custom ski textures are also provided.  Skis are activated in the simulator by a knobbed lever near the captain's left shoulder.
* Exclusive night-time textures (LITs) are provided, with guidance on their optional activation.
* Optional replacements for the spinning propeller texture (whose tip color is red by default) are included, along with installation instructions.

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