Fleet of Fancy #3: Original Operators for VSkyLabs C-47 Skytrain

Fleet of Fancy #3: Original Operators for VSkyLabs C-47 Skytrain

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A collection of liveries (does not include the plane) applicable to the VSkyLabs C-47 Skytrain version 2.9.5 for X-Plane 11.  Depicting the paint schemes applied by the original purchasers of the Douglas DST and DC-3 models before World War II interrupted commercial production.

1. AB Aerotransport SE-BAA "Ornen"
2. Aer Lingus EI-ACA
3. Air France F-ARQJ
4. Airlines of Australia VH-UZJ "Kyilla"
5. American NC25673 "Flagship Big Spring"
6. Braniff NC25666
7. Canadian Colonial NC21750
8. Československá Letecká Společnost OK-AIE
9. Chicago and Southern NC25626
10. China National 46
11. Civil Aeronautics Authority NC14
12. Dai Nippon Kōkū J-BDOL "Kashiwa"
13. Delta NC28340 "City of Atlanta"
14. Eastern NC16095 "338"
15. Far East Fur Trading MT-16
16. Hawaiian NC33606 "Mauna Loa"
17. KLM PH-ALW "Wielewaal"
18. Liniile Aeriene Române Exploatate de Stat (LARES) YR-PAF
19. North Eastern F-6
20. Northeast NC33622
21. Northwest NC21712 "302"
22. Pan American - Grace NC14967
23. Pan American NC18115
24. Pennsylvania Central NC21784 "Capital Liner Rocky Mount"
26. Swissair HB-IRA
27. Transcontinental and Western Air NC17312 "350"
28. United NC16065
29. US Army Air Corps 41-7693
30. US Navy 4707 "Anacostia"
31. Western Air Express NC18101

* Each exterior texture is customized to represent the subject paint scheme as it appeared during the targeted year.
* Likewise, separate interior textures are designed to depict the aircraft's cabin space.
* As of version 2.79, passenger seat visibility is toggled in the simulator by clicking upon the equipment rack located aft of the co-pilot's position.  Some SimSmith liveries intentionally do not display the equipment rack although the hot-spot is still in force (watch your pointer change as you move it).  Also, some SimSmith liveries intentionally do not display the passenger seats.
* As of version 2.8, external doors can be opened by clicking upon them when viewed from the interior.  Some liveries represent passenger door equipped aircraft, which are painted as such but do not align with the moving cargo door objects.
* Proprietary normal/bump maps are included, implementing Physically Based Rendering ("PBR") when appropriate.
* Custom ski textures are provided.  Skis are activated in the simulator by a knobbed lever near the captain's left shoulder.
* Exclusive night-time textures (LITs) are provided, with guidance on their optional activation.
* Optional replacements for the spinning propeller texture (whose tip color is red by default), along with installation instructions.
* For version 2.9.5, new engines textures have been added along with other compatibility changes.

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