Fleet of Fancy #3: Original Operators for VSkyLabs C-47 Skytrain

Fleet of Fancy #3: Original Operators for VSkyLabs C-47 Skytrain

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A collection of liveries (does not include the plane) applicable to the VSkyLabs C-47 Skytrain version 3 for X-Plane 11.  Depicting the paint schemes applied by the original purchasers of the Douglas DST and DC-3 models before World War II interrupted commercial production.

1. AB Aerotransport SE-BAA "Ornen"
2. Aer Lingus EI-ACA
3. Air France F-ARQJ
4. Airlines of Australia VH-UZJ "Kyilla"
5. American NC25673 "Flagship Big Spring"
6. Braniff NC25666
7. Canadian Colonial NC21750
8. Československá Letecká Společnost OK-AIE
9. Chicago and Southern NC25626
10. China National 46
11. Civil Aeronautics Authority NC14
12. Dai Nippon Kōkū J-BDOL "Kashiwa"
13. Delta NC28340 "City of Atlanta"
14. Eastern NC16095 "338"
15. Far East Fur Trading MT-16
16. Hawaiian NC33606 "Mauna Loa"
17. KLM PH-ALW "Wielewaal"
18. Liniile Aeriene Române Exploatate de Stat (LARES) YR-PAF
19. North Eastern F-6
20. Northeast NC33622
21. Northwest NC21712 "302"
22. Pan American - Grace NC14967
23. Pan American NC18115
24. Pennsylvania Central NC21784 "Capital Liner Rocky Mount"
26. Swissair HB-IRA
27. Transcontinental and Western Air NC17312 "350"
28. United NC16065
29. US Army Air Corps 41-7693
30. US Navy 4707 "Anacostia"
31. Western Air Express NC18101

* Each customized texture attempts to represent the subject interior and exterior as it appeared during the targeted year.
* Passenger seat visibility is toggled in the simulator by clicking upon the equipment rack located aft of the co-pilot's position.  Some individual liveries intentionally do not display the equipment rack, seats or cargo.
* Proprietary normal/bump maps are included, implementing Physically Based Rendering ("PBR") when appropriate.
* Custom ski textures are also provided.  Skis are activated in the simulator by a knobbed lever near the captain's left shoulder.
* Exclusive night-time textures (LITs) are provided, with guidance on their optional activation.
* Optional replacements for the spinning propeller texture (whose tip color is red by default) are included, along with installation instructions.

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