Flight-Connect Standard Edition

Flight-Connect Standard Edition

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Flight-Connect is a modern new system for creating brilliant custom instrumentation, panels and interfaces for X-Plane.
It harnesses the flexibility of the web browser to enable the creation of sophisticated instruments with an unprecedented level of ease.


Run Instruments from any device: Computer, Phone, Tablet. If it has a browser, it will work
Simple Setup
Scales from creating simple instruments to complex ones

Flight-Connect comes with 8 free instruments out of the box for you to use. They also serve as examples for how you can create your own instruments if you wish. All instruments come with detailed tutorials and can be edited as required. The provided instruments are:​

RMI (Radio Magnetic Indicator)
RMI comes with both ADF and VOR bearing pointers. ​​

Most common altimeter with functional crosshatch flag. The altimeter has options for both Hg or hPa altimeter setting.​​​​​

Airspeed indicator
Airspeed indicator with variable speed scale. Great instrument to use as an example.  ​​

Attitude indicator
Traditional attitude indicator with optional Flight Directors and Warning flag.

Military style clock with elapsed time function​​

HSI (Horizontal Situation Indicator)
HSI with an option to select NAV1, NAV2 or GPS. Can provide ILS or GPS vertical guidance.​​​

Radar Altimeter
This instrument features all functionality as real RA including aural warning.  ​​​

Vertical speed indicator
Most simplest instrument. The best instrument to use as an example.​​​

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