Flying Low: The X-Plane 11 Handbook v3

Flying Low: The X-Plane 11 Handbook v3

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X-Plane is a tremendously powerful simulator, but it is a little overwhelming at first. There is just so much to learn. Where do you start? There is an incredible amount of X-plane stuff on the internet, but where do you find it all?

In this expanded version 3 of the handbook, there are detailed articles on Hardware, Multi-monitor setups, Virtual Reality, Windows Performance (specific to X-Plane’s needs) and Overclocking. There is even a section on how to set up X-Plane using multiple computers to share the load. There are detailed instructions on how to set up a stable network specifically optimized for X-Plane 11. While the book is written for Windows 10 users, 99% of the content is applicable to Mac’s and Linux gurus. There is a large section which deals with Scenery installation, Payware and freeware sceneries, Ortho4XP, Mesh and how it all works together.

This book doesn’t replace the official manual, but instead, provides a guide to get you started. It explains where and how to start setting things up and links you to the right internet sites to get decent useful information. You will learn where to keep stuff, what acronyms and X-Plane terms mean and how to get a feel for the X-Plane environment both on your computer and the community on the internet.

In particular, the book is packed full of hundreds of internet links to help you find all the information you will need quickly — a tremendous time saver for X-Plane beginners and old hands as well.

Flying Low: The X-Plane 11 Handbook – Version 3, is just that – a handbook and easy reference tool to help you use X-plane whether you are a beginner or already familiar with this amazingly complex simulator and its world of add-on wonders. 

  • How to Set up X-Plane 11 the Right Way
  • The Hardware you need
  • Virtual Reality Headsets and how to Configure them
  • Optimize that Hardware
  • Optimize Windows for X-Plane
  • Overclocking
  • Cooling
  • Windows Performance guide
  • Manage all the Files
  • Make it Fly Better
  • Make it Look Better
  • Make it Expand
  • Make X-plane Work with Multiple Computers
  • How to Set up a Small Efficient Stable Network
  • What Add-on’s to Get
  • All about Scenery
  • Where to Find Useful Information
  • Where to Find Tutorials
  • Where to get Support and Helpful Solutions
  • Where to find the Forum you need
  • Hundreds of Internet Links

 A 140-page PDF E-book packed full of X-Plane goodness! 

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