Focke-Wulf TA-183A-1

Focke-Wulf TA-183A-1

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The Focke-Wulf TA-183 was a single-engine jet fighter designed in Germany during late WW2. 

Production of the first prototypes started in early 1945, with first flights expected in May or June of that year. The factory was captured by allied forces in April 1945, and as a result no example was ever completed or flown. All that remains today are drawings, a little data and photos of wind-tunnel models.
The fuselage and tail was to be conventionally constructed, while the highly swept wings had aluminium spars, wooden ribs and plywood skins.
Control was provided by a rudder on the vertical fin, with elevons on the outboard section of the wing providing pitch and roll control. The movable surface on the horizontal stabilizer was for trim only.

Like all the early jets, the engine took a long time to spool up from idle to full power, making the aircraft especially vulnerable on approach to land. 
There were several proposed armaments for the aircraft, usually centered on the Mk108 30mm cannon. The aircraft portrayed here has 4 of these mounted 2 on either side of the engine inlet. 
While the aircraft was never completed and never flew, it bears clear resemblance to other jet fighters that were to follow, particularly aircraft like the MiG-15. 

with  all models by X-Aerodynamics, the focus is on the flight model and on the flight experience.

TA-183 Features:
  • Functioning Mk108 30mm cannons and single centreline drop-tank.
  • Custom 2D cockpit. The layout is based on that used on other German jets during the war.
  • Custom jet engine sounds
  • Textures depicting a common camouflage scheme of the day. 
  • Realistic flight model derived from information and drawings published in the ‘Reichdreams’ dossiers.
  • Planemaker modifiable. You can easily edit the aircraft for your own use and see the results in X-plane.

Very frame-rate friendly! This aircraft runs smoothly even on older computers as this model do not presently employ high-poly 3D obj overlays or 4k textures.

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