Ford Tri-Motor 5-AT

Ford Tri-Motor 5-AT

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Pilot the legendary 'Tin Goose',  the Ford Tri-Motor, considered by many to be the first aircraft of the modern passenger era. Produced between 1926 and 1933, the Ford was revolutionary for the time with all-metal construction, three engines for safety and performance, large passenger cabin, flight attendant, and more. The Tri-Motor was flown by most US airlines. The Tri-Motor was the first plane to fly over the South Pole. It was the first plane used on scheduled coast to coast US service. The 4-AT was the first variant to go into production, followed by the 5-AT which boasted higher performance with three Pratt & Whitney Wasp engines.

For X-Plane 11, main features:
  • Fmod custom sound integration
  • PBR texturing
  • A pop-up to control co-pilot functions and give quick readout of engine-mounted gauges
  • A portable Garmin 430 can be mounted in the cockpit if modern flying is desired
  • POH manual 
  • timetables for TAT and TWA 'Coast to Coast Service'. Pilot the Tri-Motor on the routes planned out by Charles Lindbergh for the first coast to coast air service in the United States. Recreate these epic flights and enjoy the Golden Age of Aviation with the Ford Tri-Motor, one of the most significant aircraft in history.
  • Eight liveries are included
  • Ford, Stout, TAT, TWA, NAT, Northwest, Pan American, and American. A blank paint is also included.

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