Fournier RF-6B 100

Fournier RF-6B 100

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Fournier RF-6B 100 by Avia71

The Fournier RF-6B is a two seater plane, all wooden construction, intended for flight schools. The purpose of René Fournier was to build an alternative to the Cessna 150 for aero clubs. But Renée wanted a lot more: Encouraged by a bunch of instructors, he designed what they often call "the best trainer ever" and, at the same time, a really pleasant airplane with aerobatics abilities.
A true versatile aircraft just for students ? No, this bird is a candy for experienced pilots too. Loops, spins, lazy eights, rolls ... let's spice your ride !

First flew on 12 March 1974. Certified for both Category A (aerobatics) and Category U (utility).  Only fifty RF-6B were produced... during the oil crisis. Bad timing.
In 1981, René Fournier sold the development rights of the RF-6B to Slingsby, a british manufacturer in good financial health. The T-67 is born as the daughter of the RF-6B, a commercial success.

As an enthusiast pilot flying on this machine, JNelson suggested Avia71 to design an accurate model for X-Plane. We didn't need a lot of investigations to take up the challenge. We strongly want to thank JNelson for his help. Thanks for documentation, pictures, advice and of course thanks for being a great beta tester. This model is an accurate X-Plane version of the IRL bird.

  • both  X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11 versions included
  • Accurate model based on the real RF-6B
  • Complete 3D cockpit
  • Exclusive interactive checklist system
  • Inside and outside inspection
  • Customizable navigation equipment (even in flight)
  • Customizable lights equipment (even in flight)
  • 4HD textures
  • Custom sounds
  • Custom animations
  • 5 liveries
Technical Specifications:

Wing Span : 34.75ft 10in (10.60m)
Maximum Weight : 1,651lb (750kg)
Max Cruise Speed : 138knots (256km/h)
Engine : 100hp Continental O-200 A
Load factors : +6 -3

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