Grand Arctic Scenery V3

Grand Arctic Scenery V3

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It is well-known that X-Plane's Global Scenery only covers up to the North 73rd parallel. The developer (HSimulator) decided to complete the Arctic region that involves more than 1 million square miles in a very complex and solitary process.
Approximately 1800 x 835 miles (2900x 1350 kilometers). 

A transcontinental extension with airports and communities in extreme isolation. There are fantastic airports in this icy world. The Thule Air Base is one of them, reproduced very faithfully one of the most iconic places in the world, when in the years following the second world war was the scene of the Cold War.
  • 2 mesh & 6 detailed airports
  • Over 1 million square miles
  • All mesh terrain for Canada and Greenland above North 72 parallel
New version 2.1  includes 18 new runways and heliports, with the relief and coast lines adjusted. 

In Canada Mesh 

    Malloc Dome airport (CA-0221)
    King Christian airport (CA-0191)
    Arctic Bay airport (CYAB - new runway)
    Fort Conger HLPN (CONG)
    Pond Inlet airport (CYIO)
    Resolut Bay airport (CYRB)
    Tanquary Fiord airport (CJQ6)
    Isachsen airport (CWIC)

In Greenland Mesh

    Sioropaluk HLPN (BGSI)
    Innaarsuit HLPN (BGIN)
    Tasiusaq HLPN (BGTQ)
    Nuussuaq HLPN (BGNU)
    Kullorssuaq HLPN (BGKQ)
    Savignavik HLPN (BGSV)
    Moriusaq HLPN (BGMO)
    Danmarkshavn (BGHD)
    NEEM Camp Skiway (NEEM)
    North Grip Ice Landingstrip (GRIP)

Adjustment in existing airports of previous version:

    Greenland Mesh
    North Canada Mesh
    CFS Alert
    Thule Air Base
    Station Nord 

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