HD Unique Clouds Variety Pack

HD Unique Clouds Variety Pack

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These are a set of 8 HD double resolution, as well as 8 standard resolution (use these if you have a hit on your FPS performance using HD sets) replacements to the the default cloud textures for X-Plane 10/11 Flight Simulator. Custom smoke textures for each set included! They are for the budget oriented pilot in mind, and designed to work well with default art control settings so you can just "drop them in". They were procedurally generated, and meticulously blended using high-end CGI software used in feature films, not a single photograph was used.

They are zipped in a format with the folder structure of the default location for cloud textures in your X-Plane directory so that you can easily drop them in your MODS folder if you happen to use a generic mod enabler.


  • HD Resolution for 8 sets (double default resolutions, 1024,1024,1024,2048,2048,4096 pixels for cloud_puff0-5 respectively)
  • Standard Resolution for 8 sets
  • Rendered and shaded in high quality
  • Generated using 3D alpha channels as well as custom hand blended edge in some cases
  • Created using state of the art procedural math based on actual real world cloud-forms
  • Custom and unique Smoke textures included at standard resolution for each set (512)
  • Unique yet complimentary
  • Minimal performance hit with HD textures, none with standard
  • Change them out before you launch X-Plane each time for the ultimate variety experience!
  • Great if your budget is tight!

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