Helo HUD

Helo HUD

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The FlyRealHUDs HELO HUD is designed to provide all the situation awareness, primary flight instrument and navigation functions needed to complete the mission. For the military transport HUD, special modes that include a large and readable Angle of Attack, “Gs” or G load is also shown along with RAD ALT are designed to keep the aircraft safe in all phases of flight. Bank angle and HSI are also prominent features of military HUDs, and is also a keystone of our HUD designs.

  • Compatible with all X-Plane aircraft
  • 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Windows and Mac
  • X-Plane 11, 10 or 9
  • FlyRealHUDs are the real thing - same modes, symbology formats, capabilities as the HUDs used in modern aircraft today.
Why HUDs?
  • All modern aircraft have HUDs
  • Easier to fly than head down instruments
  • Precisely control the aircraft
  • Keeps your eyes looking outside
  • Flight Path Vector and acceleration cues
  • Lateral Caging of Flight Path Vector
  • Flight Director
  • Percent Power
  • Navigation including ILS, VOR, NDB, GPS
  • Non Precision and CATI, II, IIIA operations
  • Ground Speed
  • HSI, DME, VOR and NDB Indicators

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