Janowski J-1B  'Don Quixote'

Janowski J-1B 'Don Quixote'

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The J1-B is a home-built aircraft design originally conceived by Jaroslaw Janowski and Witold Kalita in the late 60’s. The design featured a high-wing single-seat configuration with rearward mounted engine on top of the wing.

The FJMAero J-1B is representative of a fiber glass airframe powered by a Hirth F-33 air-cooled two-stroke engine producing up to 28 HP, with design loads of +6/-3G. The J-1B features three-stage flaps and comes with a fully movable elevator trim to compensate the effects of the high-thrust line above the center of gravity. An aileron trim is also included.

Our J-1B is a designed to provide the virtual pilot with an aircraft that is easy to handle, offers excellent visibility and exhibits interesting flight characteristics for those that enjoy stick and rudder, seat-of-pants flying. Ideal for short scenic flights, cross-country VFR and is light aerobatics capable. Although not suitable for night flying, the external and internal lighting system provide the virtual pilot with options for low light arrivals and departures.

  • Highly detailed 3D interior and exterior model with many fine details to discover
  • High-resolution (4K) physical based rendering (PBR) texture sets to showcase surfaces ranging from painted resin, spray paint, metal, seat fabric, dust effects, all the way to leather for the dust cover at the base of the control stick
  • Animated controls, control rods and surfaces, canopy, adjustable LED cockpit flood lights, fully articulated rudder pedals with differential braking and cockpit switches
  • Custom XLua driven ignition panel to provide a robust engine and avionics start-up, including custom commands that can be assigned to joysticks or other hardware peripherals. Open the fuel valve, turn on the battery bus, switch the ‘Run’ button to on and press the starter to bring life to the Hirth F-33 and the ‘Warp Drive’ propeller.
  • High-resolution flight instruments designed from the ground up to maintain clarity at all viewing distances. Includes a highly detailed 3D face for the GNS 430 (X-Plane 11 native)
  • Lighting system that includes landing light, beacon, nav lights and separate white and red internal LED floodlights.
  • Full-bodied FMOD sound set that includes (but are not limited to):
    •  Hirth F33 engine sounds
    •  Buttons and switches, including the GNS430
    •  Engine starter and fuel pump systems
    •  Wheel sounds for impact, rolling and sliding
    •  Cockpit shake/vibration noise based on ground roll
    •  Wind noise on the canopy based on airspeed
    •  Sideslip air noise on the airframe and canopy
    •  Custom stall horn providing incremental feedback based on angle of attack
    •  Realistic sound attenuation when closing/opening the canopy
    •  Linear actuator sounds for flaps
  • Custom Clark Y airfoil. Flight model tested with standard and X-Plane experimental flight model, with the latter being preferable for those that enjoy stick and rudder flying.
  • Five liveries including ‘Fire Red’, ‘Blu’, ‘Moon’, ‘Blank’ and ‘Yellow’. The Blank scheme has a neutral PBR texture set to assist with repaints. Each livery features its own unique internal textures
  • A unique tail number repaint texture that allows customisation of the fuselage tail numbers, the pilot name under the canopy, as well as the number plaque on the instrument panel without having to repaint the entire aircraft. An easy to use Photoshop template is provided. Customise your J-1B and make it your own. A video tutorial is available demonstrating this process.
  • Paint kit designed from the ground up to be easy to repaint (external and internal), including colour coded layers in Photoshop with instructions to preserve PBR materials, as well as UV island guides to assist livery painters (see manual for more details). The following diffuse paint sets are provided:
    •  Fuselage
    •  Wings
    •  Cockpit
    •  Instrument pod (excluding instruments)
  • Fully detailed pilot in external views with custom headset and aerobatics-ready harness. 

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