K-1200 K-MAX XP10

K-1200 K-MAX XP10

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The K-1200 K-MAX "aerial truck" is the world's first helicopter specifically designed, tested, and certified for repetitive external lift operations and vertical reference flight.

The K-MAX relies on the two primary advantages of synchropters (a set of two rotors turning in opposite directions) over conventional helicopters. The first of these is the most efficient of any rotor-lift technology; the other is the synchropter's natural tendency to hover. This increases stability, especially for precision work in placing suspended loads.

The K-Max package includes 6 realistic 3D models, 2 custom scenery packs and 3 amazing X-adventures

  • Developed from KMAX documentation and assistance from Kaman engineer
  • Accurate 3D model developed from Kaman technical drawings
  • Three versions for XP version 9 and 10
  • Long line version with resident slung loads in the weapons folder
  • Integral Bambi Bucket © that operates on the X-Plane jettison feature
  • Firefighting Tanker model with the ISOLAIR 8200 tank and snorkel system
  • The purchase gets you all three and a free update to v10 when you are ready or you can buy v10 direct
Excellent Flight model
  • Accurate cyclic, collective, and pedal responses in all flight regimes
  • Realistically modeled blade droop
  • Systems modeled on actual aircraft follow KAMAN operators handbook
  • A great helicopter to learn with – stable, simple, and ready to expand your skill level when you are
Awesome model details
  • Liveries of current and recent US, European, and Asian operators
  • Great pilots!
  • Fully modeled panel and cabin with full moving controls and switches

Special Bonus Packages

  • 2 custom scenery placing you in a logging camp with challenging vertical movements and landing pads for refueling, maintenance, and special challenges
  • 3 X-Adventures missions
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